Socializing Your Dog 101 | LuxeMutt

Socializing Your Dog 101

Early on in their life, dogs need to be introduced to playtime and socialization, with dogs and people alike. Don’t worry; we have some basic tips ...

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Your Best Dog Walk Yet | LuxeMutt

Your Best Dog Walk Yet

At LuxeMutt, we know how truly rewarding owning a dog can be. Not only are dogs the greatest listeners, but they also make amazing cuddle buddies a...

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The Story Behind LuxeMutt | LuxeMutt

The Story Behind LuxeMutt

When you visit LuxeMutt, we hope you see beautiful, handcrafted, leather collars. What you might not see, but we hope to convey through our product...

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Keeping Your Dog Active | LuxeMutt

Keeping Your Dog Active

Health and wellness are huge topics lately, and it’s no surprise that with warm weather in full swing, people are bringing their workouts into the ...

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