Top Occasions for a Flower Collar

Choosing a luxury dog collar has to reflect your pet’s personality. Is your dog quirky? Bowtie collar. Does your dog like the simple things in life? Minimalist collar. But if your doggo is a bit of a diva, knows that she’s the prettiest pup on the block, or need to be adorned with beautiful accessories at any time, we know what luxury dog collar your pup needs: a flower collar. With our Flower Child collection, your dog will have the best accessory for all their fashionable occasions.

Flower Collar Photo Shoot

Whether you hire a professional photographer or this is just for her Instagram followers, your pup can show off her flower collar for a photoshoot. Make sure your pup has a fresh groom before you choose the right color. We carry Flower Child in lavender, yellow, blue, and more. But if you really want your pup photos to pop, we recommend the purple rain flower collar. All LuxeMutt designs were inspired by the owners’ own fur-babies, making them as unique as possible, and the color selection is no exception.

Wedding Flower Collars

Is your Big Day coming up? Your wedding would not be complete without your fluffy flower girl or barking bridesmaid in attendance. With a flower collar, your dog can match the humans standing by your side on your special day, and everyone will know that you and your pup are a package deal! If you are attending a friend’s wedding with your pupper plus-one, then we suggest the classic pink look. Before the wedding day, don’t forget to include your proper-looking pup in some engagement pictures!

First Impressions

Is your pup new to the family? We want to make sure they feel confident, beautiful and dressed their best when they meet their extended family and friends. Before your next dinner party or holiday celebration, finish off your dog’s look with a show-stopping luxury dog collar, so everyone knows they belong at the center of attention! First impressions matter, and with a flower collar, your pup’s new family members will welcome them with open arms. 

Everyday Wear

We mentioned your dog’s personality might be.... unique. If they are a diva, we don’t hold any judgment. Your dog might want to hop out of their doggy bed with a flower collar on every morning and experience their I woke up like this moment every day! Our super-soft, high-grade leather makes each luxury dog collar comfortable for your dog to wear all day, every day. The flowers and details on our collars are sturdy and American-made, so they will last occasion after occasion. With nickel hardware, these collars aren’t just pretty, they are tough enough to endure any walk you take your dog on (or those times when it feels like they are walking you!).

Your pup brings so much joy into your life, they should feel at their best, all the time. Dog owners were made to spoil their dogs, and your pup should have the luxury dog collar and leash they deserve. At LuxeMutt, we have the collections so you can choose the designs that reflect the love you have for your dog, and the bond between the two of you!