3 Best Show Stopping Dog Collars

When it comes to finding the perfect dog collar, LuxeMutt has you covered. Though they have several options that fit the “less is more” style, in particular, their Minimalist line, the brand is known for their eye-catching collars. Let’s take a look at our favorite dog collar — and dog harness! — designs for getting your pooch noticed!

Flower Child Luxury Dog Collar

This dog collar evokes the peace-loving vibes of the 1970s and will make your hippie hound the envy of pups everywhere. Backed using butterscotch-colored leather and trimmed with durable white nylon stitching, the Flower Child collar makes a beautiful addition to any pet wardrobe. Featuring white edges that provide a striking contrast to the vibrant, super soft, and high-grade leather, the collar’s lining is designed to stay cool, so your dog is happy and comfortable. The Flower Child is available in six gorgeous colors: Lavender, Sunshine Yellow, Pink Supreme, Blue Bliss, Purple Rain, and Orange Kiss.

Rosalicious Luxury Dog Collar

colorful leather luxury dog collars with crystal studded flowers

If you’re looking for a pet accessory that goes a step above the rest, the Rosalicious dog collar from LuxeMutt is for you. This collar is fashioned out of locally-sourced premium leather and features a handcrafted leather rose permanently affixed to the collar. However, the true beauty of the Rosalicious is in the details. As a finishing touch, the edge of each rose petal is encrusted with genuine Swarovski Crystals, making this dog collar the envy of everyone who sees it. Though the Rosalicious isn’t available as a dog harness, pet parents can take home a matching Rosalicious leash! The Rosalicious dog collar is available in three distinct colors: LuxeMutt Pink, Violet Femme, and Renegade Red, while the Rosalicious dog harness is offered in the same three colors, plus Seafoam Green.

Luxury Collar Martini Bowties

Last but not least: the Martini Bowties. As LuxeMutt’s best-selling collar, the bowties are the opposite of a costume piece. Expertly designed and crafted in Southern California, each dog collar is constructed from premium soft leather and features precision perimeter stitching, a black backing, and black edging. Finished with a nickel d-ring and buckle, this LuxeMutt dog collar will quickly become your pet’s favorite accessory.

Though they’re a great accessory for major celebrations like weddings, birthdays, and even graduations, the classiness and durability of the Martini Bowties dog collar also make it the perfect choice for running errands, trips to the dog park, or simply lounging around on the couch. Choose from the following vibrant colors:

  • Renegade Red
  • Black and White Oreo
  • Seafoam Green
  • LuxeMutt Pink
  • Purplicious
  • Poodle Pink
  • Peacock Blue
  • Country Club Green
  • Violet Femme
  • California Tangerine
  • Basic Black
  • Heart of Gold

If you’re looking for the most eye-catching color, we’re pretty big fans of the Heart of Gold. But don’t take it from us! Check out the beautiful design for yourself on the LuxeMutt website by clicking here. In addition to being offered as a dog collar, fans of the Martini will be excited to see that it is also available in a dog harness design. With a Martini Bowtie permanently affixed to the dog harness and crafted from the same high-grade soft leather, it’s sure to be just as gorgeous as its collar counterpart.

LuxeMutt has topped the list of gorgeous, high-quality accessories for pet parents, and they aren’t stopping any time soon! To shop the entire brand and make your pooch the envy of the whole neighborhood, visit their website, and take home your favorite dog harness or collar. Also, be sure to follow LuxeMutt on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for adorable photos of co-founder Sharon Zuckerman’s rescue pups, as well as information on upcoming designs!