Throw Your Dog the Best Birthday Party Ever!

Dog’s lives should be cherished. Whether it’s your puppy’s first birthday or a celebration of your senior dog’s golden years, your good boy or girl deserves an all-out birthday party. Dog parents know that dog birthdays are just as important as any other family member, so why not throw them an extravagant birthday party? We have some great tips to help you create a day of doggy celebration!

Who to Invite to your Dog's Birthday Party

Dalmatian with birthday cake balloons and party hat

When it comes to your pup’s birthday party, the guest list is A-list only. Invite his or her neighborhood pals, the cute poodle down the street, and your pupper’s best buddy. The next step is deciding if you want to invite the neighborhood kids to your party. Dogs love kids, and kids love dogs, it could be a match made in heaven! Make sure you know which neighbors are allergic or afraid of dogs when curating your guest list, to make sure all guests – with or without tails – have a safe and fun time!

Only Pup at the Party

Thinking of making it a human-only party? Then invite over all your dog-loving friends to give your birthday pet maximum attention. Just remember to keep your dog’s needs in mind; if your dog loves attention, like a Golden Retriever or a Great Dane, then the more the merrier! But if your dog is more on the anxious side around humans, then consider keeping it a small gathering. Your dog will still know they are the life of the party, just throw on a birthday crown or luxury dog collar to make them feel extra special!

Picking the Dog-Birthday Venue

Depending on your guest list, your venue may vary. But we all know the look on our dog’s face when we ask, “Do you want to go outside?” so chances are, an outside venue is the place to party. If you’re thinking of having the party at your home, and are hosting quite a few doggos, consider the following questions:

  • Is your yard big enough?
  • Is there enough shade for resting areas?
  • Will there be outdoor and indoor party areas for humans and dogs alike?

If you have a suitable space in your home, then go for it! But if you’re starting to think a house party might not fit your dog’s birthday needs, then consider other options. The most important thing is to find a safe venue for dogs and their owners.

Party Places

Dog-friendly areas like the dog beach or dog park could be the perfect spot for your party. Check the weather to ensure its dog and human-friendly, and check out your local dog beach or park rules for hosting a party. Just remember – choosing those spaces means you need to plan for unknown dogs around your party guests! If you’re good to go, then consider a cookout (if venue rules allow, of course) or a picnic to celebrate your dog’s big day! Want a completely dog-friendly area? Many doggy daycares allow pet owners to rent a space for their parties. Most daycares have outdoor and indoor areas, and some even have doggy pools! If your space has the latter, we suggest a luxury dog collar like this one, so your pup can strut her stuff poolside. If you choose a daycare venue, remind the owners of your furry guests that they shouldn’t drop off their dogs as if it is a daycare. We recommend making sure every dog-owner is present, so that you can have a safe dog birthday bash!

Think Outside the Park

If dogs and humans alike are attending, but you want to keep an adult-focused atmosphere, there’s a solution for that. Did you know there are dog-friendly bars across the U.S.? You can rent the space for a boozy birthday celebration in honor of your pup. Your dog can even dress for the occasion with one of our bowtie collars. The aptly named Martini Bowtie will bring a dapper flair to your dog’s birthday suit, shaken, not stirred.

Choosing a Theme for the Dog Birthday

Dog wearing happy birthday sunglasses

If you want all the neighborhood dogs barking about your party afterward, then deciding on a theme is crucial. Are dog-themed puns enough for this party to be a memorable shindig? Do all themes allow for my dog to show-off their new luxury dog collar? Is a dog yoga theme so 2018? Is a cat-themed dog party too quirky??? Pet parents across the nation, you can rest easy, because we can help you choose the perfect theme.

Plan by Personality

No one knows your dog better than you. You’ve comforted them through thunderstorms, you’ve let them drool on you while they nap, and you know their all-time favorite snacks. Knowing your dog’s personality is all you need to choose the best party theme.

  • Is your dog the mud-covered outdoorsy type or more of a pampered pup?
  • Does your dog enjoy wearing costumes? Hats? Bowtie collars?
  • Are there any things that make your dog unhappy, like certain music or activities?

By answering these questions and thinking about the time you spend with your dog, you’re sure to come up with a great theme; here are a few quick suggestions.

Pampered Princess

If your dog is a diva, then consider rolling out the red carpet for a royal princess or Hollywood theme. Bring the sparkle when your dog wears this Renegade Red Rosalicious collar, a luxury dog collar. If you really want everyone to dress to the nines, make it black tie...bowtie collars that is! Each guest can dress up to celebrate your iconic four-legged friend; we suggest these elegant bowtie collars!

Outdoor Theme

Maybe your dog is a bit too energetic to be toted around and would rather splash in every puddle and muddy spot in sight. If your dog loves to roll around in the grass, then we suggest themes like:

  • Sports – a backyard full of footballs, soccer balls, and tennis balls — need we say more?
  • Cowboy – dogs in cowboy hats, there’s room in this town for all of them
  • Pool party – even if you don’t rent a fancy venue, all you need are a few plastic baby pools for the pups to splash around in!

If you want your dog to have fun and still look snazzy on their big day, try our Minimalist luxury dog collar!

Super-Pups Costume Party

If you are one of the lucky dog owners whose pup is known for rocking the best Halloween costumes without fussing, then consider a costume party. Dogs dressed as superheroes, mermaids, or the classic wiener-dog-in-a-bun costume – the opportunities are endless! Pair one of our bowtie collars, like this luxury dog collar with some dog-friendly glasses and tiny suspenders for a nerdy costume. Hire a photographer to catch the best costume moments between four-legged friends and have all your human guests laughing the day away!

Invites for your Dog Party

Once you have a theme ready, it’s time to send out some invitations. Depending on the theme, you will need to decide between mailed card invites or e-mailed invitations. If you choose a mailed card, consider one with a picture or cartoon version of your pup on it. While your dog is a clear image in your mind fur-ever, it will be a nice reminder for your guests what breed of dog they are celebrating! Here is some crucial info to include on your invites:

  • Date/time/location of party
  • Year of birth celebrating (in both human and dog years)
  • Note if only the human is invited, or if the pupper of the residence may come as well
  • Be clear on the theme and any dress/costume expectations
  • If dogs are on the guest list, we recommend including a treat in your invite!

Since dog parties can be a unique event to attend, make sure you communicate if gifts are expected by including or excluding a suggested gift list. We might be biased, but a LuxeMutt luxury dog collar or leash, with a minimalist design or one of our more outgoing bowtie collars, would be a great addition to that birthday gift list!

Décor for your Puppy Party

The theme you choose will dictate the décor, so just remember to keep everything safe for your dog guests. That means if there are streamers being used, make sure they are out of reach to avoid pet consumption. Keep any balloons away from those pups that love to bite anything in sight, and make sure any choking hazards are up high on human-level tables. Other than that, be creative and have fun with it!

Birthday Suit

When the day comes, your dog needs to look his or her best. While we agree our dogs look their best every day, adding an extra touch here and there might boost their confidence on their day of birth. A clean coat and trimmed nails are a good start, but try a luxury dog collar to elevate your dog’s look. If a sharp, birthday-boy outfit is right for the party, then one of our bowtie collars, like the Martini bowtie, will do the trick. If your furry girl wants to look cute on her big night, then go with one of the flowery bowtie collars, like the Flower Child. For more of a sparkling luxury dog collar, try the Rosalicious, which comes in several options of Swarovski crystal rose bowtie collars. If your dog is smaller, check out our list of favorite small dog collars.

Matching Outfits

You might be that dog parent that likes everything to match for their pup. There is no shame in your game. But maybe remove some of the embarrassment for your four-legged child by toning it down on their birthday. You can still match your pal’s luxury dog collar, but with a more minimalist approach with this collar. Put the bowtie collars down, and choose the simpler style, which also comes in a matching leash!

Food, Food, Food!

We hate to break it to you, but there is something your dog loves more than’s food. Putting out dog food and special treats are great – you can even try a homemade dog treat recipes for extra love – but make sure your furry guests don’t have any allergy restrictions! If you’re going to have full-on meal time, we advise having the pet owners bring their own food and bowl and setting a meal time. If that’s too much work, then stick to the treats and label their containers with ingredients so owners can choose which treats to give to their pals!


Did you forget the humans were coming? The dogs are the main focus, but you can’t forget to feed the owners! Your food can absolutely match your theme, but you can also bring the dog life to the table. You can serve hot dogs and display the condiments and toppings in (clean) doggy bowls, put out some punch and label it toilet water, and pop some “pup-corn.” If you’re planning on serving alcohol, consider this bar list containing all dog-themed cocktails!

Birthday Cake

Pomeranian with birthday cake

It’s up to you if you want to have two cakes – one for humans, one for dogs – at your party. But there are hundreds of recipes for dog-friendly cakes, some of them made out of famous dog treats. Some bakeries even offer a special dog-friendly cake made to order! Whichever you choose, make sure there’s enough for everyone and do not store it where the visiting pups can find it — or it’ll be gone before it’s time to sing Happy Barkday!


Let’s get one thing straight: guests are coming to your house for two reasons:

  1. To celebrate your loving dog-child
  2. As an opportunity to tire their dog out with lots of playtime

Deliver on that second opportunity with some games and activities! You can have the largest fetch session ever, an epic tug-of-war, or you can set up an obstacle course in your backyard. Owners can have some friendly competition on who’s dog is most obedient, and some laughs will be had when the neighborhood Chihuahua just can’t make that last jump.

All. The. Tennis. Balls.

No matter the venue, no matter the theme, there is one element that cannot be forgotten: tennis balls. Scratch that – any sports balls. Your furry guests will be entertained for hours, just make sure there are enough for everyone! If you bought those baby-pools we suggested earlier, consider using one as a ball pit!

Shady Spots

With your dog’s long list of friends attending, chances are there are some senior dogs in the mix. Making sure the senior dogs and all of your canine guests have a shady spot after a long day partying in the sun is key. Giving dogs a chance to recover between play time will ensure every dog goes home sleepy, but not run down. Include a few cold water bowls for sharing!

Poop Bags

We’re just going to be straightforward here: no one wants to be empty-handed when it comes to a puppy-poop-situation. As the host, it is your responsibility to provide an abundant amount of poop bags. If you decided on a venue outside of your home like a dog park or beach, make sure you bring twice as many! Your guests (both furry and human) will thank you!

Doggy Favors

After a long day of celebrating your dog’s birthday, send the guests home with something to remember the day, and your dog by. You can include a small toy, a few treats, a short thank-you, and maybe a recipe card for that dog-friendly birthday cake! If you really want to show your appreciation, then send your guests home with a luxury dog collar from LuxeMutt. With styles from minimalist to flower bowtie collars, you can pick out the perfect collar for each dog in attendance.

Safety First for all the Dogs!

As we mentioned, make sure all dog’s owners are present for the dog party, so you can enjoy the day without having to worry about being responsible for everyone’s dog! We also recommend requiring dogs to have collars on and owners have leashes on hand just in case. Dog parties are great, but there are going to be a lot of dogs that don’t know each other, so it’s better to be safe than sorry! If there are any dogs you aren’t familiar with (maybe you know the owner but not the dog), there’s nothing wrong with asking if that dog is up to date on all vaccinations so that you know every dog can safely interact with each other!

Celebrating your dog’s birthday can be as big of an event as you want – you and your dog deserve it! To celebrate - whether it’s for your own dog, a birthday gift for a furry friend, or just because, spoil your pup with a luxury dog collar from LuxeMutt. Start shopping from our collection bowtie collars now!