LuxeMutt is about more than collars and leashes. Our brand is about the spirit, love, and bond that we feel for our dogs! Each dog is special and amazing, and we wanted to create products that allow dog owners to display the bond and understanding they have with their dog. We know dog owners can agree, there is nothing quite like the relationship you have with your pup.


Our Pups

We design and build each leather dog collar, bowtie collar, leash, and harness, with inspiration from the intense love and devotion we feel for our beloved rescue mutts. Our dogs are our only children and we wouldn’t want it any other way! Our dogs inspire everything we do and each collar is borne from our love for Muffin, Penelope, Stella and our dearly beloved Sophie - who passed away after a prolonged struggle with severe heart ailments. Our dogs are our whole heart, and we wanted to connect all the dog owners and dogs our there with quality products to make each dog feel as special as they are!


Highest Standard

While our ideas for each leather dog collar are made from doggy love, our design is of the highest standard, with our designer Sharon Zuckerman, at the helm. Sharon has created some of the most iconic and collectible Barbie dolls ever made! Sharon has worked with everyone in the design world, from the Juicy Couture creators, to Jonathan Adler, to Monique Lhuillier. Sharon has crafted each of her iconic dolls from hair and make-up, to shoes, to wardrobe, to jewelry. Sharon’s name is on the back of millions of Barbie doll boxes, and she brings that same attention to detail and vision to each luxury dog collar at LuxeMutt. We are so proud Sharon is part of the LuxeMutt brand, creating high-quality, expressive collars and leashes for dogs.


What Being a LuxeMutt Customers Means

When you are a LuxeMutt customer, we know you value your relationship with your dog as much as we do. The heart of a dog person is a little larger, warmer, more empathetic, and friendly. We understand the unbreakable bond between dog and owner is unique to each pairing, and we want our customers to have the options to choose a leather dog collar, bowtie collar, leash, or accessory that enhances their dog’s personality. Your dog should stand out from the pack!


LuxeMutt Life

LuxeMutt will always be made in the USA using the highest grade of softest leathers, nickel hardware, and genuine SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals. Every item from the iconic bowtie collar to the minimalist leash embodies the spirit of American dog lovers. We want our collars to last through every stage of your relationship with your puppy, from those first silly days in their new home, to those golden years full of love and memories.


Our dogs are our life - our life is here in California, USA – and LuxeMutt is here to rock a revolution in how dogs look and feel through each timeless, high quality, luxury dog collar.

Meet the Team