Sharon’s Style

Sharon Zuckerman was an iconic mind behind many of the world’s most famous and collectible Barbie Dolls. As a principal designer at Mattel, Sharon collaborated with many major fashion players, such as the Juicy Couture creators, Jonathan Adler, Badgley Mischka, and more. Sharon Zuckerman led the design of famous Barbie Dolls from head to toe, literally, as she crafted the make-up, wardrobe, jewelry, and shoes of each. Sharon Zuckerman’s name is on the back of millions of Barbie doll boxes, and she brings that attention to detail in her designs of luxury dog collars at LuxeMutt.

All About Adam

Adam Yoblon worked as a digital video playback engineer and on-set editor for hundreds of music videos and TV commercials. Through his experience working in Los Angeles, Adam learned the art of tabletop product photography from the best in the industry and has curated the look and feel of the LuxeMutt brand. You can see Adam’s vision through every shot of LuxeMutt products.

Collar Collaboration

Together, Sharon Zuckerman and Adam Yoblon’s passion for dogs lead the LuxeMutt brand. Sharon and Adam conceive, design, and create their products together. They also test each luxury dog collar on their dogs. Sharon and Adam are both very passionate advocates for adopting mixed breed rescue dogs, which makes LuxeMutt bigger than any one product, it represents the passion and love the owners share with their dogs.

For Sharon and Adam, every detail, color, and design of their leather dog collars is born out of the love for their dogs to create fresh, sophisticated, and fun products that reflect the unwavering love each and every dog owner experiences.