The most impeccably made dog collars and leashes around.


Why Choose LuxeMutt

We’re more than a luxury line for you and your four-legged friends. Each of our dogs is unique and cherished in our family, and we know you feel the same about yours. We love creating a line of products that let dog owners show off their dog’s personality and style. Choosing a LuxeMutt piece for your dog is a statement of love as well as fashion. It’s a commitment to quality, comfort, and style.


The Way of LuxeMutt

We’re willing to bet you’re as much of a dog lover as we are, we agree that your dog is your family and deserves the very best! Our rescue pups inspire us every day, and in everything we create. We adore our dogs and we're dedicated to providing all dog families with the same high-quality, luxury accessories we provide our own.


LuxeMutt’s Dedication to Quality

We strive to design and craft all of our leather dog collars, harnesses, leashes, and bowtie collars with your family in mind. Our radiant line of accessories will always be made in the USA.

We take great pride in the ability to offer all our dog families an array of beautiful and exceptionally soft high-grade leather.


Our Dedication to Design

We don’t believe in cutting corners. We take the designing and crafting of our collars and leashes very seriously. The integrity of our luxury line of dog collars, harnesses, and leashes is a top priority here at LuxeMutt. Your pups will strut in style with collars that are lovingly accented with beautiful nickel hardware and select styles adorned with sparkling SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals.

The durability and longevity of each piece your pup wears are essential to us. We believe in providing your best friend with stunning collars, leashes, and harnesses that are designed to last. Every collar has a sturdy nickel D-ring and buckle for added durability.


Our LuxeMutt Customers Mean the World to Us

Becoming a LuxeMutt customer tells us you value your relationship with your dog just as much as we do. When you become a LuxeMutt customer, you become part of our family. We believe the hearts of our fellow dog lovers beat a little stronger. We share a love that is a little warmer, more empathetic, and hard to contain.

We understand the undeniable and unbreakable bond between an owner and a dog.  Each relationship is unique to each pair, and we strive to create a line of collars, harnesses, and leashes that portray this special bond. We want to provide you with a variety of options that represents your relationship. From leather dog collars, bowtie collars, bold leashes, and accessory that enhances your dog’s personality, we want you to have fun and functionality. Besides, shouldn’t your pup stand out in the pack?


A LuxeMutt Way of Life

LuxeMutt is committed to making our accessories in the USA. Whether your fur baby is sporting one of our much-loved bowtie collars or a sleek minimalist leash, you’ll know you’ve purchased American made quality. Your dog’s collars and accessories should be created to last through all stages of your relationship, from puppy love to the golden years.


An Unmatched Selection

Our selection is designed with your dog’s unique personality in mind. We did the same for our rescue pups and knew we had to offer your fur family the same!

We offer a large selection of colors and styles for your dog, in a variety of sizes. We’re also excited to offer new additions to our selection and special editions!


Leather Collars and Harnesses

Have a special event coming up? Dress her up in a lovely Rosalicious collar with a sprinkle of dazzling crystals. Or perhaps the Martini Bowtie fits your pup’s personality to a tee. He can be the best-dressed doggy in town, with color choices for all occasions. Even our comfortable leather harnesses come adorably designed with the perfect bowtie.


Leather Leashes

Our leash options are just as fabulous and come in a variety of colors. Grab one to match your dog’s collar or mix and match for every mood! With choices from our Minimalist leashes to the ornate Rosalicious leash, you can’t go wrong.


Take a look at our line of luxury leather dog collars, harnesses, and leashes. We dare you to try to fall in love with just one!