The Story Behind LuxeMutt

When you visit LuxeMutt, we hope you see beautiful, handcrafted, leather collars. What you might not see, but we hope to convey through our products is our absolute love for dogs. Dogs understand us better than we understand ourselves sometimes, and they love us unconditionally. We wanted to share the story that inspired us to start LuxeMutt and spread all the love, through each and every leather dog collar, luxury dog harness, and leash we create.

Our Story All Started with the Dogs...

three dogs wearing luxury leather bowtie dog collars

Muffin, Penelope, and Sophie. Our dogs show us a connection we never imagined. Muffin is a rescue mutt, found as a puppy hobbling with two broken hips on a downtown Los Angeles street. She is now 16 years old and the most amazing little soulmate. You can see her in some of our photos, like for our leather dog collar, the Martini bowtie. Sophie, seen in our luxury dog harness photos, passed away in 2017 after a long battle with severe heart issues but continues to inspire the LuxeMutt brand. With her soulful sweet eyes, Sophie was LuxeMutt founder Sharon Zuckerman’s constant companion until the very end. Sophie lives on through LuxeMutt, and her favorite playmate, our pup Penelope. Little Penelope is LuxeMutt founder Adam Yoblon’s workout partner. You should see the way she catches a ball!


Design in Mind for our Leashes, Collars, and Harnesses

LuxeMutt designs are unique but elegant, and it’s not hard to figure out how that happened. Sharon Zuckerman, LuxeMutt founder, has designed each leather dog collar, long leash, and luxury dog harness out of love for her dogs, but also from the mind of a true creator. With over 15 years of experience, including her time as principal designer at Mattel, Sharon’s designer mind has created some of the most iconic collectible Barbie dolls. This includes Barbie doll collaborations with high-end designers such as the Juicy Couture creators, to Jonathan Adler, to Badgley Mischka. More recently, Sharon Zuckerman added Disney collector dolls for Star Wars and Descendants to her design portfolio. Sharon turns fashion into a passion in her LuxeMutt collections, which come from her heart that belongs wholly to her fur babies.


Picture Perfect Products

Adam Yoblon, LuxeMutt founder, is the visionary behind the look and feel of the LuxeMutt brand. Adam was a digital video playback engineer and on-set editor. He has had a hand in hundreds of television commercials and music videos, working alongside many directors and producers. Through that experience, Adam has gained so much knowledge that has leads the brand choices made by LuxeMutt. Most notably, Adam learned the art of tabletop production photography from the best of the best in the industry. Each product shot of a leather dog collar or portrait of a LuxeMutt pup in a luxury dog harness has showcased Adam’s talent. Taking a cue from Sharon’s designs, Adam has created a dream aesthetic that matches each product. The simplicity and elegance of both the brand image and each leather dog collar and luxury dog harness leave the focus on what matters most: the pups.


Handcrafted with Love for your Puppy

Adam Yoblon and Sharon Zuckerman’s creative choices have made LuxeMutt so very successful. But their business choices speak volumes as well. LuxeMutt products are all of the highest quality material and craftsmanship. Each and every leather dog collar, walking leash, and luxury dog harness are made in the United States of America, from locally-sourced leather! Just like every dog brings a special type of love into your home, each leather dog collar is special, due to it being handmade. Variations in size and color may occur, but the overall design and love for each dog receiving a LuxeMutt collar stay the same.


Collar Versatility and Practicality

Our collars are absolutely statement pieces, meant to represent your dog’s personality. Whether an active, classic pup in a Minimalist collar or a hippie hound in a Flower Child collar, we believe we have created a design to fit your dog’s personality. LuxeMutt collars also provide great practicality. With soft leather, your dog will feel comfortable in their leather dog collar each and every day. Every collar has heat-sealed finished edges and durable double nylon perimeter stitching for long-lasting wear. Additionally, every luxury dog harness and collar has high-quality nickel hardware to hold onto your dog’s tags.


Swarovski Special Touch

colorful leather dog collars with swarovski crystal flowers

In our more daring design, Rosalicious, we are proud and honored to officially partner with Swarovski, using Swarovski Elements crystals. Each gem on every Rosalicious leather dog collar is authentic, and of the highest quality, color, and selection available. We understand a dog that demands to be dressed in a Rosalicious leather dog collar is not one to skimp out on the special touches, which is why we take so much pride in adding Swarovski crystals to our collection. As we mentioned, every element and detail in our collection comes back to our love for dogs.

LuxeMutt Family

The LuxeMutt family started as a party of five: Sharon Zuckerman, Adam Yoblon, Muffin, Penelope, and our dearly beloved Sophie. Now, we have grown through our customers and their dogs into an endless community of unconditional love (and maybe a bit of spoiling) for our furry family members. LuxeMutt is more than luxury products, it’s about showcasing the love between owner and dog, and we want to be part of that. If you ever have any questions about our products, please never hesitate to reach out by phone, email, or social media. We want to outfit your pup up with the absolute best accessory that’s going to fit their personality and make them feel like a brand-new puppy!

The LuxeMutt dogs started it all, and they continue to inspire each new design, color selection, and innovative detail. It’s important to us that our LuxeMutt customers know that every addition and change in our products comes from Adam Yoblon and Sharon Zuckerman’s time spent with their fur babies. Here at LuxeMutt, we want to make the time with your dog special too, so choose a collar, harness, leash, or all three, and show your dog how much they mean to you.