Fall Collar Colors You Can’t Miss

It’s no secret that dog owners are known to devote just as much time and attention to their pup’s style as they do to their own - as they should! Dogs deserve to feel like the best-dressed pooch on the block during every season.  With so many dogs and dog owners to impress, you’ll want to stock up on the trendiest accessories, so your dog can strut confidently through the dog park.

Just like picking the perfect pair of boots or the most versatile cardigan for the chillier weather, choosing the right collar and collar color for your dog this fall is an important fashion choice! For city and suburban dogs alike, LuxeMutt leads the pack in doggy collar fashion. Read on for our picks for the best colors and styles for fall.

Autumn Hues and Bowtie Dog Collars

When taking your dog for a stroll down the street or through the park this fall, you’ll want his collar to show his autumnal spirit! LuxeMutt has you covered when choosing a collar color that matches the season’s autumnal hues.

LuxeMutt’s Renegade Red Bowtie Collar is a leather collar that will be the talk of the dog park, especially when the leaves start to fall! Pair this color with the matching bowtie leash for a show-stopping fall fashion statement. The high-quality, durable leather of both the collar and leash will ensure that your pup is rocking this fall staple for many years to come

orange luxury leather bowtie dog collar

The California Tangerine Martini Bowtie Collar will help your pet blend in perfectly in the pumpkin patch. Fashionable and super comfortable, this leather collar also features black perimeter stitching, completing your pup’s Halloween vibe. Make sure to take him trick-or-treating so that your neighbors can applaud his fashion-forward look!

You don’t need anyone to tell you that your four-legged friend has a heart of gold - add the Heart of Gold Leather Collar, and everyone you meet will see it too! This metallic bowtie collar is perfect for a casual walk around the neighborhood or for making an impression at Thanksgiving dinner. This collar would also make a show-stopping statement at a fall wedding!

 Less is More for your Collar

If the bowtie collar is not your dog’s style, LuxeMutt has plenty of minimalist collars for a more subtle fall touch. Offered in our preferred fall colors of Renegade Red, Tangerine Martini, and Heart of Gold, these simple leather collars are made from natural high-grade leather and are between ½” and 1” in width, meaning your pup will barely know the collar is there! The durable nickel D-ring and buckle ensure that there is no need to panic if your pup spots a falling leaf and breaks into a sprint - there is no way this collar or leash will snap!

Here at LuxeMutt, we pride ourselves on helping pups look their best with collars that are hand-crafted, long-lasting, and super fashionable. Check out our site for more colors and styles to make your pup a style icon year-round!