Our 7 Favorite Dog-Friendly Activities

Your dog is your best friend, your furry family member, your other half! You guys would do everything together if you could. While your pup might not be able to go to work with you, there are plenty of dog-friendly activities for you guys to spend some quality time together!

 Here are our top Dog-Friendly Activities:

  1. Play Fetch
  2. Go for a Walk
  3. Work Out
  4. Romp Around the Dog Beach
  5. Dog-Friendly Date Night
  6. Dog Party
  7. Cuddling Time


Play Fetch with your Dog

    dog on a beach playing fetch with a tennis ball

    You don’t have to go far to have some fun with your pupper! Grab a ball and head outside. Throwing the ball in your backyard is a great way to make sure your pup does their business without the hassle of a walk! Threw the ball a bit too far? Make sure your dog is wearing a dog collar with their tags on it, so if they go chasing and don’t come right back, you feel confident they have their identification on.


    Go for a Walk

    woman taking dog for a walk

    Nothing can beat your dog’s favorite activity, going for a walk! You guys get some exercise and fresh air while saying hi to some neighbors along the way. If your pup likes to socialize, make sure you have a study dog collar or harness on so you can tell them when it’s okay to say hello, and when it’s time to “heel!” A durable dog leash is also a necessity for those longs walks, like our leather dog leash.


    Working Out with Your Wagging Pup

    Is a walk not enough exercise for you and your energetic doggo? There are lots of workouts you can achieve with your dog, including:

    Get creative, and soon you will have so many options to get in your workout while also tiring your pup out.


    Romp Around the Dog Beach

    If you’re lucky enough to live near the ocean or a lake, you probably have a dog-friendly beach! Use this dog beach locator to find one near you. You guys can spend all day in the water and on the sand, just make sure you check the dog beach rules. Most beaches request your pup have a dog collar on at all times, with a dog leash on hand.  Want a tip? If your dog needs a bath already, that is the best time to take them to the dog beach! You’ll have to wash them after the beach anyway, so you might as well time it with your dog’s furry needs.


    Dog-Friendly Date Night

    Looking for a bite to eat, but don’t want to leave your pup at home? More and more cities are providing options for dog-friendly restaurants and bars. Even if you’re not sure if the restaurant is dog-friendly, ask if dogs are allowed in their outdoor seating areas. If you live in a big city, the answer is most likely yes! Throw on a flashy new dog collar, and never let your dog miss out on girls’ or guys’ night out again.


    Throw a Dog Party!

    terrier wearing birthday hat with birthday decorations

    Your dog is part of your family, so you need to celebrate them just like any other family member. If it’s your dog’s birthday or Gotcha Day, that calls for a celebration! Invite guests, both human and pupper alike, plan a theme with activities and dog-friendly snacks. It’ll be a ruff-roarin’ time! As a party favor, you can gift a LuxeMutt dog collar to each guest – there’s one for every dog personality!


    Just Spend Time Together

    At the end of the day, you just want to spend time with your pup, and your pupper feels the same way. Snuggled up in bed or watching TV on the couch, your dog will be comfortable in their leather dog collar from LuxeMutt spending any time with you.