Collar vs. Harness: Your Pup Has a Preference

There is nothing your dog loves more than going on a walk with you. Okay, maybe they love food more. But taking your dog on a walk is often the highlight of their day! For owners, however, it might lead to some risky behavior. Some dogs get so excited when they see a squirrel, neighbor dog, or bird, that they wriggle out of their collar! This causes owners panic, and a lot of running and treat baiting, to get their furry friend back into the safety of their collar and leash. If that sounds like an average walk for you and your pup, it might be time to switch to a harness. We’ll break down the factors that come into play when choosing between a leather dog collar or harness for your pup!


Training Time: Collar or Harness?

woman sitting with her dog working on obedience training

The owners that are most likely in the market for a leather dog collar or harness are new puppy owners. In that case, welcome to sleepless nights! We mean, puppy training. Potty training and basic skills training your puppy is difficult enough, don’t let walking become a hassle! If you want your dog to “heel” with minimal practice, then you should choose a dog harness, which discourages pulling. Those first few walks with your puppy are filled with a lot of excitement, but you need a harness to easily keep them walking in step with you, and know when it’s time to turn around. Pulling a collar can be hard on that little puppy neck, so choose a comfortable leather dog harness.


Graduate to a Collar

If you are feeling really good about your training progress, then you can upgrade to a collar! Put that training to the test, and see if one little leash tug on a leather dog collar is all your dog needs to listen during walks. It makes dog-walking a breeze, you never have to switch between a leather dog harness for walking and a collar for lounging around the house. Just clip the leash to your pup’s collar and go! Just remember, collars are a smaller point of control during walks, so if your dog is still in training mode, it might take a few tugs to get them moving in the right direction.


Complete Control: Harness vs. Leash

Whether you have a puppy or an older dog, they all get excited during walks! If you want to steer them away from doing their business on a neighbor’s lawn, or simply pull them out of the smell-induced trance of the fire hydrant, the best way to go is with a harness! Dog collars are great for perfectly obedient dogs, especially with our comfortable leather dog collars, but every dog slips up and pushes their boundaries by spending too much time saying hello to a passing pup. For complete control, a harness is the best way to evenly distribute the pressure when you pull on the leash for your dog to “come” or “heel.” With our leather dog harness, comfort and control go hand in hand!


Big Dogs: Collar or Harness?

Speaking of control, does your dog weigh more than you? Does it feel like your Great Dane or German shepherd is walking you instead of the other way around? We’ve been there; we get it. For bigger dogs, a leather dog collar — as comfortable as they are — may not be the right choice. To be honest, a harness is easier to walk those large doggos, without feeling your arm pop out of your socket as they tug you! Each leather dog harness in our collection is made with sturdy, yet smooth leather, with strong nickel hardware so your big pupper won’t break free. Pair your leather dog harness with one of our leashes, and you are ready to roll!


Little Dogs: Collars or Harness?

While little puppers may seem easier to control, dog owners of smaller breeds know that could not be further from the truth! Those small dogs love to act big and tough, especially when a Rottweiler walks by (do you want to get eaten, little pup?!). That can lead to a lot of tugging and pulling on walks. Those littlenecks, often with thinner fur than bigger dogs, can be hurt by a regular collar. Even if you choose a leather dog collar, the repetition of tugging on that collar can be enough to annoy and hurt your dog. Choosing a leather dog harness instead can cause less injury and irritation when your little dog decides to lose their mind on walks! That way, you can leash-check your little rascal, and that tiny body will have to follow your lead.


Older Dogs: Collar vs. Harness

Big or small, it seems harnesses are the way to go. Even as a puppy, a leather dog harness is in your pup’s best interest. But what about older dogs? Your dog might be too old to run away during walks, and they know it’s not worth it to fight you for leash control, so does it really matter which you choose? Well, that depends. You know your older dog better than anyone, they are your best friend! But no matter how well you take care of them, they might have some joint pain or trouble getting up. To make it easier, a leather dog harness can help lift them during breaks on walks, or even around the house. Our leather dog harness distributes the weight and pressure when you help lift your dog – using a leash or simply grabbing the harness with your hands. You can help them up without any pain or discomfort. Getting up and going for a walk shouldn’t be any trouble for your best friend, especially in their golden years, so help them out with a leather dog harness.


Workouts and Walks the Best Way

So, you decided to adopt a golden retriever. As fluffy and family-friendly as they are, breeds like golden retrievers, border collies, and Dalmatians need a lot of exercise! It’s time to break out some dog-friendly workouts you guys can do together. One of the best ways to tire out your energetic pup is to bike while they walk (or run) alongside you. You can achieve more miles, without feeling like your pup ran you into the ground! The safest way for your dog to tag along on a bike ride is with a harness, instead of a collar. If your dog wants to slow down, you don’t want them to feel like they are choking! A harness not only avoids any injury, but you’ll feel their full weight pulling back, so you’ll know that your dog wants you to slow down. The same thing if they are running faster than you are biking! Your dog can safely run ahead without any strain on their neck. With our leather dog harness, your pup will be safe and comfortable for long workouts!


The Best Collar or Harness for Escape Artists

If there is one argument for introducing your dog to a leather dog harness, it’s because they have become an escape artist. They wriggle and move until suddenly their little heads slide right out of their collar! When your pup sets themselves free, owners can only describe it as equal parts panic and fury. Time to chase your pup down the street! With our leather dog harness, your dog will snugly fit into a high-level-security system. There will be no wriggling out of this one, pupper!


Leather Dog Collars Can Do the Trick


If your dog would rather wear a collar, but is prone to escaping, we still highly recommend choosing our leather dog collar. While leather does stretch, our high-grade leather is much better than the fabric collars that most dogs wear. Those fabric collars rip and are easily maneuvered out of by your persistent pup. Think of your dog’s collar like a belt: would you rather hold your pants up with a leather belt or a fabric belt? The same answer applies in holding your dog onto that leash; our leather dog collar does the better job!


Cool Dog Collars

When your pup is not on a walk or has been better at walking obediently, there is a major feature that steers owners to choose a leather dog collar over a harness. Your pup has a unique personality. Whether you think they are hysterical, a little dumb sometimes, or you believe they are an old man trapped in a dog’s body, you know there is no dog (or person) that can match your dog’s characteristics. For that reason, you need a leather dog collar that is going to show off their personality! We have quite a few to choose from:

Whether your dog is more classic Minimalist than a classy Martini bowtie wearer, or a Rosalicious diva more than a cool chick Flower Child, we have the leather dog collar that is perfect for them! Each LuxeMutt collar was designed with dogs in mind. Not only is your dog special, but the bond you share is even more extraordinary, and your leather dog collar should reflect that.


Best Harness or Collar for Walks vs. All Day Use

You might be a lucky dog owner that only has to walk their pup once a day, while others have to walk their dog two or three times every day. No matter your pup’s walking needs, think about their collar needs. Is your dog often uncomfortable in certain items? Maybe dressing them up for Halloween isn’t really an option for your fussy pup, so wearing a harness all day might not seem ideal. While our leather dog collar and harness collection are all comfortable, your dog may still have a preference. Also, as we mentioned earlier, a leather dog harness can help aid older dogs that might need help getting up, so they might be in better condition in a harness all day instead of a collar. Other dogs might need more freedom and wear a collar all day.

Do you choose a leather dog harness to wear all day, or only for walks? Maybe you switch them into a leather dog collar for lounging around the house. It all depends on their needs. What we want all LuxeMutt customers to know is that either option will be a comfortable choice with the quality of our products. We only use the softest durable leather possible, with double nylon perimeter stitching, so nothing will poke your pup the wrong way. It is completely up to you, and your dog, which one you choose for all-day use!


A Collar and Harness that Lasts

If you have only used fabric dog collars and harnesses, then you have probably gone through quite a few. They fray and break, they never seem to get thoroughly clean, and your dog might even chew them off! Our leather dog collar and harness collection outlast other collars because they are made of leather! Leather often lasts 10 to 20 years, but can sometimes last a lifetime. That means at LuxeMutt, you can buy one leather dog collar or one leather dog harness for your dog, and that’s all you’ll need. We won’t lie, once you have your hands (or paws) on one of our soft leather dog collars, you’ll want to have all four styles, and matching leashes! You can be confident that every single one of our products is high-quality and long-lasting.


ID, Please!

The most important reason for your dog to wear a collar is to hold their identification tags. No one wants to think about the worst-case scenario; your dog getting out. But accidents happen and it’s better to be prepared. Microchipping your dog is great, but only if the person that finds your dog takes them to a vet. Having your phone number, and even address, on your dog’s collar can literally save their life. Not to mention, many cities across the United States require dogs to wear registration and rabies tags to prove they are safe and friendly pups. On both our leather dog collars and harnesses, there is nickel hardware to fasten your dog’s tags. You can breathe easy and trust that a LuxeMutt collar is of the best quality. Your dog’s tags will not fall off, and neither will their collar.


No Matter Which You Choose, Stick with It

You might now realize you need to switch from a collar to a harness, vice versa, or that you and your pup can benefit from both. No matter which you choose, the important thing is to keep your dog in a collar or harness. As we mentioned, accidents can happen. When a neighbor, police officer, or kind stranger finds your lost dog without a collar or harness, it is more difficult to leash them up to take them to a safe place to eventually locate you. Keep a collar or harness, with ID tags, on your dog at all times. That’s why choosing a LuxeMutt, high-quality, comfortable leather dog collar, harness, and leash are so important! What are you waiting for? Upgrade your dog to a collar that fits their personality and a harness that lasts each and every walk!