Your Best Dog Walk Yet

At LuxeMutt, we know how truly rewarding owning a dog can be. Not only are dogs the greatest listeners, but they also make amazing cuddle buddies and have been known to exhibit the goofiest behaviors on the planet. It’s impossible to choose the best part of owning a dog, but getting to take your pup out for his daily walk is high on the list. There is nothing quite like the excitement you’ll see in your dog’s eyes when you grab his leather leash from the hook by the door - his barking and running in place means he’s ready to stretch his legs and take in all the smells your neighborhood has to offer with you by his side!

 Your daily walks with your four-legged friend are a chance for you and your dog to get out and explore your neighborhood, get some exercise, and spend some quality time together. You’ll also get to teach him some basic positive behaviors during your stroll. Grab your sneakers, a LuxeMutt bowtie leash, and read on below for our tips on how to make walks with your dog feel fresh and new every day!

Start with a Statement Leather Collar and Leash

colorful luxury leather dog collars

LuxeMutt knows that walking your dog through the neighborhood is a chance for you to show off your handsome friend. Add a statement collar and matching leather leash to turn your pup into the best-accessorized dog on the block.  Check out some of our favorites below:

  • Martini Bowtie Leash: Talk about super stylish! Made of high-quality leather and finished with black stitching and edging, a LuxeMutt bowtie leash pairs perfectly with a handcrafted Martini bowtie collar for a truly unique look. Dogs who rock a bowtie leash and collar set are the best dressed in the dog park and will get tons of compliments as you stroll around your block.
  • Rosalicious Leather Collar: Turn your next walk through the park into a strut down the runway with this premium leather collar, complete with an embellished flower for a truly haute look. Each leather flower features over 200 genuine Swarovski crystals and will inspire envy in dogs and their owners alike! Snag the matching Renegade Red Rosalicious leather leash and watch your pal go from dog next door to doggy couture on your next walk.
  • Minimalist Leather Leash: Some of our pups are not as flashy as the rest. For a low key look, try a LuxeMutt Minimalist leather leash. Made of the same high quality, natural leather as our matching Minimalist collars, these leashes are offered in a variety of bright colors to give your walk just a touch of pizazz.

Mix in Some Light Jogging

woman jogging with dog

If you are stuck sitting at a desk from 9-5 every day of the week, you know just how your dog feels being stuck in the house while you’re gone! A walk is an excellent chance for you and your pup to stretch your stiff muscles and get your sweat on with some light jogging. When you and your dog head out for your walk today, try jogging for a minute or two in between walking. Your heart rate will increase, you’ll feel more exhilarated, and best of all, your pup will get a burst of energy each time, adding to his happiness.

 Add in Some Extra Sniffing Time

Dog on a walk sniffing tree

As adults, we often have mile-long to-do lists and are constantly moving from one thing to the next, leaving ourselves little time to take a breath and relax.  As tempting as it might be to hurry through a walk with your dog simply to check the task off your list, taking your time will benefit not only you, but your furry friend as well.  Your dog gets much more than physical exercise out of your daily walks. When your dog stops every few paces to really get a good sniff in, he’s getting the chance to take in the smells and create a mental map of his neighborhood.  Give your pup a few extra seconds at each shrub along your walk and use his sniffing time to practice taking a few deep, meditative breaths while you wait. You are guaranteed to feel a bit more centered each time.

Use a Harness for More Control

Whether you live in the city or the suburbs, there are so many sights and smells that will grab your dog’s attention while out on a walk. If your dog is constantly pulling at his leash, you may want to try out a harness on your next trip around the block. A harness pairs well with a LuxeMutt leather leash, provides you more control, and will decrease the chance that your dog will put excess strain on his neck while tugging you along.

 Make Some New Friends

two dogs sitting together in a field

Pups need just as much social time as people do and, if you don’t have another dog at home, using your walking time to meet other neighborhood dogs will instantly increase his happiness. As your dog makes a new friend or two to chase and tackle at the dog park, you too can use this time as a chance to meet some fellow dog owners! Give your furry friend a bowtie leash to rock from our list above - it will be the perfect conversation starter!

Bring Plenty of Treats!

bulldog waiting for a treat

Though you may be practicing giving your dog some extra sniffing time during your walks, there are bound to be moments when your dog gets so distracted that the flow of your stroll feels interrupted. Redirecting his attention is crucial, and there is no better tool for a quick attention reset and to reinforce positive behavior than a tasty treat! Your dog’s favorite treats can be used as a reward for staying off of a certain neighbor’s lawn or for showing his skills during heel training, while wearing his new stylish bowtie leash.  Be sure to bring extra treats to share with any four-legged friends you meet along your walk or with your pup’s new best buds at the dog park.

 LuxeMutt is all about bringing joy to your dog every day - check out our blog for more ways to shower your best friend with love all year round!