The Best Gotcha Day Gifts for Your Pup!

Do you sometimes feel like a guilty dog parent because you haven’t given your pup a gift to celebrate their Gotcha Day? We have a few tips to make celebrating your dog’s Gotcha Day special with these dog gifts and ideas!

What is “Gotcha Day?”

little boy holding rescue dog

Many dog owners don’t know their dog’s actual birthday, especially if they were adopted. One day a dog owner could never forget? The day they brought their furry friend home! That day is called a “gotcha day!” or, the day you “got” your pupper. You probably remember the excitement the first time your pup stepped into your home (and your heart). So many dog parents choose to celebrate that special day, and some owners celebrate Gotcha Day instead of their dog’s birthday, and throw a celebration full of dog gifts!

Toys with Treats

When thinking about dog gifts for Gotcha Day, remember that your dog can never have too many toys. Gifting your pup some of their favorite toys will really make their tail wag and be grateful for all the years you’ve spent together! Try a puzzle toy that hides a treat, so your dog can use their paws (and brain) to get to it. Your pup will be maneuvering that toy until the last treat falls out!

Tiring Toys

One of the best dog gifts is giving a toy or two that will tire your pup out – you both will be thankful for it! We suggest lots and lots of tennis balls! But here’s how to maximize tennis balls as one of the best dog gifts ever: get a large box and fill it to the brim with fuzzy, new tennis balls. When it’s time for your pup to receive their Gotcha Day gifts, dump all the tennis balls at once!! Will your living room be full of tennis balls? Yes. Will your dog absolutely love it? Yes. It’s so worth it! Here are a few more tiring toys to give as Gotcha Day gifts:

  • Frisbees
  • Tug of war ropes (especially if you have more than one dog!)
  • A tennis ball launcher
  • A flirt pole or stick

Bed for Doggy Dreamin’!

Gotcha Day comes once a year! Do you know what probably needs replacing after a year? Your pup’s bed! The sure sign your dog needs a new bed is if he or she isn’t laying on it much anymore, or will only lay on it for a few minutes at a time. When looking for a new bed as a dog gift, think about your dog’s needs. Do they like cooler surfaces? Do they like fluffier surfaces? Do they need joint support?  All of these questions are important in choosing your doggy bed, and there are many options, like beds with cooling mats on top, or orthopedic cushions. Once you choose one, lay on it for a bit (weird, we know, but your pup loves your scent!) and soon your pup will have a great Gotcha Day....full of naps!

Personality in their Wardrobe

Dog owners know their pup better than anyone. You know their best qualities, their fears, and their favorite treats. It’s time your pup shows the world who they truly are! With a leather dog collar from our collection, you can find the perfect Gotcha Day gift that elevates your pup’s look and shows off their personality!

Dog Bowtie Bonanza

Is your good boy classy? Loves a fine wine with their kibble? Try a Martini bowtie leather dog collar. You can choose classic black for that nighttime look, or give your quirky dog some color. We carry red, blue, even purple bowtie collars!

Flowery Furry Friend

So maybe a bowtie collar doesn’t quite line up with your pup’s personality. If you want your pup to feel pretty, try the Flower Child leather dog collar. All our dog collars are made from high-grade leather that feels as soft as your dog’s fur. The Flower Child collar has a fresh and simple flower adorning the adjustable collar. It would be perfect to remind your good girl of the magical first day you had together on Gotcha Day!

Rosalicious Dog Accessories

Your pup is a diva. You’ve known that since day one. Show your dog you know they are a diamond in the ruff with the Rosalicious leather dog collar as a Gotcha Day gift. Made with Swarovski Elements, you will be able to see your pup’s shimmering collar no matter how fluffy their fur!

Walk it Out

If you have an active pup, then you know that one of the items that brightens up their whole face is the leash. They know if you are grabbing the leash, it’s time for a walk! For everyday use, gift your pup a Minimalist Leash paired with a Minimalist leather dog collar. You can mix and match colors to show off how fun your pupper is, and for those fancier furry pals, try a Martini bowtie leash.

Throw a Party for your Puppy

golden retriever with balloons

Choosing the right collar is especially needed for your pup to show off at your Gotcha Day party! That’s right – your pup’s special day is important enough to throw a lavish, exciting party. Rent out a dog-friendly space, make a cake out of peanut butter and treats, and come up with some activities for all your dog’s puppy pals! You can read more on how to throw your dog the best party ever here.

Pay it Forward

Gotcha Day was originated to celebrate the adoption date of rescue dogs from shelters. Now, people celebrate Gotcha Day no matter how they found their best friend. But it’s important to remember there are still so many pups waiting to be adopted, waiting for their Gotcha Day with their furr-ever family. To pay forward all the love you have received from your pup, purchase a leather dog collar from our shop, grab a bag of dog food, and head over to your local shelter. Pet shelters use fun collars and props to take pictures of dogs, hoping it will increase their chances of being adopted, and an adorable bowtie collar could just do the trick! It will be a nice way for you and your dog to remember Gotcha Day, and how thankful you both are to have each other in your lives, furr-ever.