How to Keep Your Dog Active in the Cold

There are so many great things to look forward to when the weather gets colder - celebrating the holidays, drinking warm mugs of hot chocolate, and curling up with your dog and a good book by the fire — just to name a few. Going outside when the temperature has dropped is not one of those things; it can be very tempting to ditch your daily walks with your dog in favor of letting him out in the backyard while you hang on the couch with a snack. But colder weather shouldn’t keep you or your pup from getting up and moving! Grab your leather dog leash and see below for some fun activities you and your four-legged friend can do to keep moving once the cold sets in. 


Warm-up your Dog with Some Interval Training

What better way to combat dropping temperatures than to mix a little jogging and other cardio exercise into your normal daily walks? Once you’ve strapped on your dog’s collar and leash to make sure he won’t sprint away from you, try including some jogging, side shuffles, and even some backward running while you walk. These short bursts of cardio will keep things exciting for you and your dog, get your heart rate up, and burn some extra calories! You’ll be sweating so much you won’t even notice the cold.


Walk your Dog at the Right Time with the Right Gear

Dog squinting in snow wearing navy coat

Be sure to avoid walking your dog during the coldest parts of the day and, when you do take him out, dress him appropriately! Doggie sweaters are a must and adding paw protection will keep your dog’s paws from drying out or cracking from walking on snow and ice. Choosing the right collar and leash is essential as well. A leather dog collar is a great option, as it is made to be durable and withstand changing seasons, and a matching leather dog leash is strong enough to keep even the most robust pup right at your side.


 LuxeMutt’s leather dog collars and matching leather leashes are designed to be long-lasting, meaning your dog will be able to rock them for many winters to come. We recommend the Minimalist Renegade Red Leather Dog Collar for a simple but chic look and adding the Renegade Red Leather Dog Leash to complete his fashion statement. Both are made of super-soft, high-grade leather and feature nickel-plated clasps for added durability.


Just too Cold Out? Take Your Dog's Exercise Indoors!

Puppy playing in red agility tunnel

While walking outside gets you and your pup out in the fresh air, prolonged exposure to colder temperatures can be dangerous for your dog. When the temperatures really plummet, get creative with some indoor exercise options! Hide some treats around your house for an exciting game of hide and seek, clear the living room for some tug of war, or send your dog after a ball up and down your stairs. For added socialization, you can explore other indoor exercise options, like dog yoga, heated indoor doggie pools, and group exercise classes for you and your canine friend!


Colder weather doesn’t have to mean less activity for you and your dog! Check out our blog posts for other fun ideas for keeping your dog mentally stimulated and consistently active all year round.