Say Cheese! How to Take the Perfect Picture of Your Dog

At LuxeMutt, we know that when you and other dog lovers start chatting, it’s inevitable that you’ll be swapping photos of your dogs. In fact, you’ll likely be looking at photos of your friend’s pup for a while. Most dog owner’s phones are full of action shots, pictures of their pup sleeping, even selfies with their furry friend. Photos of our dogs are fun to look at and make us proud to share our best pal with friends and strangers alike. Photos also help us miss our furry friends a bit less when they are at doggie daycare, or we are traveling. Every moment is the right moment to snap a shot of your pup.

However, it can be challenging to get a great photo of your dog, since they are constantly on the move, wagging their tails, or jumping up at you and the camera. Some dogs are even camera shy and will turn tail the minute they see you raise the camera or your phone. But never fear - the perfect picture of your pal is achievable with the right amount of creativity and persistence.

Whether your pup is a natural in front of the camera or more camera shy, take a peek below for some tips for capturing the perfect photo of your dog from the pros at LuxeMutt!

Accessorize Your Dog with an Adorable Bow Tie Collar!

If you want to take the classiest, fanciest photos of your four-legged friend, consider the accessories that your dog is rocking before the flash goes off. A beautiful leather dog collar will instantly increase your dog’s style, while a knitted sweater is the perfect chic touch for a holiday card.

When it comes to the perfect accessory for your furry friend’s photoshoot, LuxeMutt has the collars you need to get your pup noticed. LuxeMutt’s lines of leather dog collars and, even fancier, their bowtie dog collars will take your pal’s style to the next level. All LuxeMutt leather dog collars are of the highest quality material and designed to ensure that your pup looks stylish no matter which collar you choose for them!

For everyday photos of your dog at home, in the dog park, or walking through your neighborhood that you can show your friends and family, try a LuxeMutt Minimalist Leather Dog Collar. With eight vibrant colors to choose from, you can be sure you’ll find one that brings out the color of your pup’s eyes and matches their beautiful coat perfectly.

For a bolder fashion statement, try a LuxeMutt Martini Bowtie Dog Collar. These luxury collars are designed and crafted in the LuxeMutt style lab and give your pup the confidence they need to pose perfectly for your photo! Try a bowtie dog collar for special occasion photo shoots, such as holiday card shoots, wedding pictures, and other celebrations!

Take Lots of Pictures

dogs sitting at table for photo

There is no getting around it - dogs have a ton of energy and not a ton of focus, so you’re not going to snap the perfect photo of your dog on your first try. The more photos you take, the more likely you’ll be to end up with some truly memorable shots, both posed and unposed! Taking a variety of pictures during a walk around the block or trip to the beach will leave you with tons of hilarious outtakes and more than a few snaps to post on social media.

While you’re trying for the perfect snap of your four-legged friend, be sure to switch out any accessories your dog is wearing; for example, swap their leather dog collar for their bowtie dog collar to show the range of styles your pup is able to rock!

Choose the Right Background

Dalmatian on path walking

The right setting for your pup’s pictures matters. You’ll want to choose a location that is not only visually appealing, but also one that is special to you and your pup and is free from as many distractions as possible.

A simple background, such as a meadow or a sandy beach, will ensure that your dog is the focus of the shot, making them stand out against their surroundings. Make sure your pup doesn’t get lost in the background - a darker background for a black or brown pup is definitely not the best choice. Similarly, an all-white puppy will get totally lost in a snowy background.

If you’re holding your phone or the camera, try grabbing your puppy's attention by waving your other hand in the air. You can even hold a treat in your dog’s eye line in order to help maintain their attention. If you’re using a camera on a tripod, try getting down on your dog’s level and putting an arm around them, both to show your love and to keep them in place!

Get Creative with your Doggy Photos

As much as others may “oooh” and “ahhh” over pictures of your dog, seeing the same type of shot over and over can make even the most loyal dog lover bored after a while. Be sure to try out lots of different kinds of shots! You’ll want to take plenty of pictures of your dog up close to be sure to capture their eyes and heart-melting expression (and to catch a glimpse of their show-stopping bowtie dog collar). Stock up on some tennis balls and a frisbee to get your dog moving around while you snap some action shots (and tire your pal out at the same time!). Take some pictures at your dog’s eye level and, if you’re persistent enough, you’ll be sure to get a lovely headshot worth framing in your home.

At LuxeMutt, we know that every moment is the perfect moment for a photo op with your best four-legged friend. Our leather dog collar and leash combination sets will ensure that your pal stays sitting next to you while a friend snaps your photo, and our bowtie dog collars are sure to impress the photographer at your best friend’s wedding. Find more collar and leash options and tons of tips and tricks to make life for your furry friend the most fashionable and fun it can be!