Tips for a Festive Fur Baby

The holidays are fast approaching, meaning your to-do list is getting longer by the minute. You have to start shopping for gifts, decorating the house, planning meals for parties with family and friends, and of course, choosing an outfit for each occasion! While you’re deciding what you want to wear, our luxury collars are an easy and stylish pick for you when it comes to what your dog should wear. 

A Show-Stopping Leather Collar and the Holidays:

Humans dress their best for the holidays, so your dog should, too! We want Fido to make a statement just as much as you do, and here’s why:

  • Impressing visitors:

    • During the holidays, it seems as if there are nonstop visitors! Prancing around in our martini bowtie collars, your pup will be the hot topic of conversation.
  • Being festive…without being TOO festive:

    • It's easy for anyone to just throw a Halloween costume or a Santa hat on their dog and call it a day. But don't you want to dare to be different? Being festive in a luxury collar makes your pet stand out from the crowd. Plus, with our strong double nylon perimeter stitching and heat-sealed edges, the bowtie collar you purchase for your pup is durable enough for everyday use, not just for special occasions!
  • Giving gifts:

    • These collars make fantastic gift ideas. You can get one for a friend so your dogs can be matching! Odds are pretty good they’ll love it just as much as you do, meaning they’ll snag one for their friend’s pup as well. Bam! You just helped them cross something off their holiday to-do list too.

Upcoming Holidays Perfect for Our Leather Collars:

So, which holidays are coming up and which luxury collar should you get your fur baby? It might be more than you think!

  • Halloween

Corgi with Halloween hat and sparkly spider

    • With pumpkins and gourds all around, there tends to be a color trend for this spooky holiday. Keep it festive but fashionable with our California Tangerine bowtie collar!
  • Thanksgiving

    • The leaves are changing, your best sweater has made its fall debut, and your favorite cinnamon candle is giving all the cozy fall feels your home. Match your pup to the fall vibe with a deep Renegade Red collar.
  • Christmas

corgi wearing santa hat and scarf

    • There's nothing quite like Christmastime and seeing the snowfall on the pine needles of a gorgeous Christmas tree. Love that green as much as we do? You can find it in our Country Club Green Too Model of our martini bowtie collars!

  • Hanukkah

    • We love the extravagant colors of Hanukkah, particularly the gold aura the flames of the menorah give off. Use that as inspiration for your dog’s next fashion piece, the Heart of Gold collar. Once Hanukkah commences, pair it with one of our minimalist leashes of any color to turn heads on your next walk!

The holidays are busy - don’t let your dog slip your mind! Happy Holidays from us to you!