Top 5 Occasions for a Bowtie Dog Collar

Our dogs are our partners in crime. Whether it's at the dog park, walking through the neighborhood, or taking a drive through town, we have our furry friends right by our sides. Unfortunately, most parties and events are not dog-friendly. It can be a huge bummer to get all dolled up for an event and have to leave our furry pals at home.

Luckily, some events encourage pup attendance, which means it's up to you to make sure your pal looks their best with the right party accessories. But how do you decide what the right party accessory is when there are so many choices? At LuxeMutt, we believe that nothing elevates your pup's party look more than a bowtie collar. It's the perfect blend of class and sass and sends the message to your host that your dog is ready to party. Our top five occasions for a bowtie collar are:

  1. Birthday parties
  2. Weddings
  3. Professional photoshoots
  4. Holidays
  5. Graduation from puppy training school

Read on for more details about how your furry friend can rock a luxury collar during these special events!

Our Top 5 Events to Rock a Bowtie Collar

  1. Bowtie Collars for Birthday Parties

two small dogs wearing paper birthday hats

Celebrating your dog's birthday is a must - those milestones are just as important as human birthdays (and frankly, sometimes much more fun)! It's essential to make your party space look and feel the part of a doggy birthday. You'll need the right decorations and party favors, a dog-safe birthday cake and other party snacks, and some super fun toys for maximum birthday fun.

You'll want to be sure that your dog stands out from the rest as the birthday boy or girl, and a luxury collar will make sure that they are the center of attention! The collar's beautifully hand-crafted bowtie will make your pal's eyes and coat pop and help them stand out in photos. Our Martini Bowtie Collar line comes in a variety of colors, including Black and White Oreo, Seafoam Green, and Violette Femme. You'll have no problem finding the right one for your pal's special day! And hey, if your dog wants to shake things up, buy a second bowtie collar so he or she can make a statement for the second half of their party!

  1. Wedding Bells Are Ringing!

dog in wedding party wearing flowers

A wedding is a fantastic opportunity for you and your dog to celebrate love and family. While you don't want your dog upstaging the bride, they should be dressed to impress their human friends and any other dogs in attendance!

LuxeMutt's Heart of Gold Martini Bowtie Leather Dog Collar is perfect for wearing to a wedding. This luxury collar can be worn directly under your dog's chin or slightly off to the side for a more casual-yet-cool look. The high-quality, soft leather is so comfortable your dog won't even know they are wearing a collar. They'll be free to bust a move on the dancefloor or mingle with other wedding guests.

Since a wedding is a special occasion, you'll need to be sure your pal is well-behaved. Not all brides can stay relaxed if one of their guests knocks over the cake table or sprints down the aisle after them! Don't limit their look to a bowtie collar alone; try adding a matching leash. A collar and leash combo will elevate your dog's wedding style and give you much more control over your pet's behavior during the big event.

  1. Professional Photoshoots and Bowtie Collars

Dalmatian puppy sitting by owner's feet

While the pictures of your dog you snap on your smartphone are perfect for Instagram, nothing beats professional photos you can hang in your home. Professional pictures help immortalize your best pal. And what better way to elevate the photo and your pup's style than by adding a luxury collar?

Before you choose a bowtie collar for your photoshoot, be sure to consider the backdrop of your pictures as well as the color of your pup's coat. You'll want to be sure the collar compliments your surroundings - will you be outside in nature or inside a photo studio? Don't let the collar get lost in your pup's fur either - choose a color that pops, just like your dog's personality!

  1. The Perfect Holiday Accessory of a Leather Collar

Corgi walking in the snow

Many of us spend days on our Halloween costumes or on picking the perfect ugly Christmas sweater. However, the minute your dog shows up decked out for the holidays, they will take center stage. As they should! Give your dog the holiday swag they deserve with a luxury collar that exudes holiday spirit. Try a Renegade Red Martini Bowtie Leather Collar for Christmas and the California Tangerine Martini Bowtie Leather Collar for trick or treating on Halloween.

If you're looking for ideas for how to turn a bowtie collar into a full-blown Halloween costume, look no further. Halloween costume ideas are LuxeMutt's specialty!

  1. Graduation from Puppy Training School

Black lab sitting in obedience class

Congratulations! Your pal has gone from clumsy walker and toilet-paper eater to a prim and proper pooch. There is no doubt that your dog's graduation from puppy training school calls for lots and lots of photos. For your pup to look their best, they will need the right accessories, including a fancy bowtie collar to mark the special occasion.

They may have just learned all there is to know about being a polite pooch, but in the excitement of the day, your dog may forget their manners. Consider adding a leash to match their luxury collar to be sure they remember to be as prim and proper as they can be!

Bowtie Collars for Everyday Wear

We've given you our top five occasions for your dog to rock a bowtie collar. However, the truth is that your pal is super unique and should look the part every single day. Whether you and your dog are socializing at the dog park or spending the afternoon tossing a frisbee in the backyard, your dog will gain confidence by wearing a fancy collar. An excellent collar also shows how much you care about your dog's style.

Celebrate your love for your furry friend every day, regardless of whether you have an event to attend. Grab a bowtie collar for your dog today!