Top Occasions for a Bowtie Collar

Here at LuxeMutt, we feel like we know you. We know how much you love your dog. We know you are constantly finding ways to spoil your dog. We see you, and we are here for your dog-spoiling needs. So, it’s time to discuss the one item your dog needs in their wardrobe: the bowtie collar.

Bowties for your Pooch

Bowties aren’t just for people. Your dog can rock their very own bowtie collar. But you may be wondering, where can my pupper show off this new, amazing, accessory? We have a few suggestions, and a bowtie collar fit for each need.

  • Attending Puppy Training

Just like when you dress up for a job interview, it’s time for your dog to dress for the job he or she wants: to be The Goodest Boy (or girl). That all starts at puppy training. Whether your dog attends training class, has one-on-one sessions with a trainer, or you are training your pup at specific times of the week, adding a little flair to the attire may help. Not only will your pup feel their best, but you will get a few laughs in at how adorable they are – even when they fail to sit on command for the millionth attempt!

  • First Day of Daycare

Every dog parent dreads the first day they drop their puppy off at doggy daycare. You know they will be left in great hands while you are at work, but you can’t help but wonder: Will my pup make friends? What if others bully my doggo? What if my pupper feels insecure?!?! A bowtie collar can help with that. A dapper, luxury dog collar — like this purple one — will not only make a great impression on the new humans caring for your dog, but will also spark conversation with the other puppers. They will all be barking over where his or her collar is from!

  • Greetings, Guests!

At home, a bowtie collar might seem a little too formal (unless you have a Yorkie, we understand their high maintenance wardrobe full of small dog collars). But when you have guests arriving at your house, it’s a cute touch for your dog to wear a bowtie collar to greet them. They will make a great first impression and act as fluffy butler to your estate! Your friends and family will immediately feel welcomed by the sight of your pup in formal attire.

  • Halloween Costume

The name is Bond. Puppy Bond. Double-o good boy. Or at least that will be your dog’s name on Halloween when they dress up as Britain’s best spy in this black collar. Halloween is a great time to have a bowtie collar on hand, and here are some costume ideas to put this luxury dog collar to good use:

  • Pair a blue bowtie with some plaid, suspenders, and glasses for a nerdy dog costume.
  • Take it one step further and add a newsboy hat for a grumpy old man costume!
  • Pair a black and white bowtie collar with some white cuffs around your dog’s paws for a no-hassle tuxedo.
  • For your girly pup, pair this red bowtie collar with a dog-friendly Snow White costume so she can be the fairest of them all!

  • Dapper Pupper Holidays

Around the holiday season, you spend so much time making sure you look nice for reuniting with your family and celebrating the gift-giving season. Your dog can do the same. Choosing a luxury dog collar with a bowtie can turn your pup from cuddly mutt into a dapper doggo! Your dog will be camera ready for when they open their holiday gifts (full of bones, of course), and will fit right in with the rest of the family’s outfits.

  • Party Pup!

If a luxury dog collar is needed on any day, it’s this one: the most important day of the year, the day that should be a federal holiday – that’s right, your dog’s birthday! Celebrate with his or her dog friends, bake a dog-safe birthday cake, and plan plenty of outdoor activities to celebrate your dog’s life. Pair a bowtie collar with a crown and your dog will feel extra special!

  • Engagement Photos

It finally happened! You’re engaged and your pupper could not be more excited for their paw-some new mom or dad to join the family. When it’s time to take your engagement photos, don’t count out your furry child! Grab a luxury dog collar, like this classy green bowtie collar, and have your pup in the shots. Plus it will prepare them for their main role on the big day...

  • ...As Ring Bearer!

Your dog will graciously accept the honor of being your ring-bearer on your wedding day. The best way to keep it classy, cute, but not distracting, is for your pup to wear a basic black bowtie collar on your special day. Or choose from our 12 colors to match the bridesmaid dresses! Let’s be honest, could you imagine pledging your lifelong love to someone without your best buddy there?! Probably not. Plus, your guests will know that your future husband or wife is onboard with a commitment to not only you, but your furry friend.

  • Pictures with New Family Member

When a new furry member enters the family, your doggo steps into a whole new role, big brother or sister! But if there is anything cuter than your pup, it’s when your pup is with a baby. If the new member is less fur and more human, then the first impression is everything! Make sure to capture a photo of that special first meeting, whether it’s a dog sibling or human sibling, with your dog in a bowtie collar so you can remember that moment furr-ever.

  • Insta-Famous

Want to share your pup’s beauty with the world? Start a dog Instagram! Introduce your dog to the world in the perfect luxury dog collar that matches your pup’s personality. Not only will your dog’s pictures bring people around the world joy, but you’ll also be able to interact with other dog-lovers, and read all the praising comments to your pup! Whether your dog’s attitude fits a gold or violet bowtie collar is totally up to you; we carry the collar you need to start snapping those shots!

Other Bowtie Collar Occasions

While we’ve covered the basic uses of a bowtie collar, there are a few other places for your dog to use this staple part of their wardrobe. Here are a few other times and places where your dog may need to wear their bowtie collar:

  • Attending the Met Gala
  • Hosting the Tony Awards
  • On the cover of GQ
  • Auditioning for a dog food commercial
  • Singing in a barbershop quartet
  • Dealing cards on the Vegas strip

The possibilities are endless, and with a fun-loving, spontaneous dog like yours, we just want to make sure you’re prepared!

Donate to a Shelter

Is your dog all set with the bowtie collar of their dreams? Then we have one more idea for how a bowtie collar can be put to good use. Purchase a bowtie collar and drop it off at your local shelter. The shelter employees can use the collar to take pictures of dogs up for adoption to upload on their website and to social media. That extra special touch might just help find that dog a home! You can find your local shelter here.

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