Working Out with Your Dog

Dogs are man’s best friends. Which means that whenever you need a workout buddy, who better to recruit than your furry friend? But when it comes to exercise and your pet, there are a few important things to keep in mind to ensure that you — and your doggo — have the best experience possible. From remembering to bring water to ensuring you have identification tags firmly secured to your pet’s leather dog collar, our blog will take you through the important factors to consider when making your pet your workout buddy!

Best Workout for your Dog 

dog on yoga mat with weights

Let’s start with choosing the best workout for your dog. If you have a Huskey, it’s probably not the best idea to take a four-hour hike in the middle of Summer in the heat and humidity of Atlanta, Georgia. It’s probably also not a great idea to take a Corgi on a walk through a foot and a half of snow in the middle of a Chicago winter. Educating yourself on the behavioral and physical limitations of your dog is the most important first step owners should take when selecting a workout routine that is suitable for humans and dogs.

Also, consider speaking with your dog’s licensed veterinarian about potential health risks that could be associated with the breed, size, or temperament of your pet to minimize not only risks to your own dog but other pets and wildlife that you may encounter. For example, dogs with short, flat faces — such as pugs, boxers, and Bulldogs — are what’s known as brachycephalic breeds, a term meaning “short-headed.” According to the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, dogs with brachycephalic features may be “prone to difficult, obstructive breathing because of the shape of their head, muzzle, and throat.”

Need a bit of inspiration, or even just a good laugh? Check out this video from That Pug Pablo & Co titled, "Workout with your Pug." “New year new you? Don't want to pay that expensive gym membership and just spend time with your pug instead? Well, this is the video for you!” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

The Right Gear for Dog Walks

husky on a walk with owner

What about choosing the right outfit? If you’re going swimming, you should probably pack your bathing suit. Just like humans, dogs have accessories they need for certain situations, and it’s important to choose the right gear to go with whatever workout you and your pet decide to tackle together. From the best harness or leather dog collar to shoes, leashes, and even backpacks, it’s important to outfit your dog with the right equipment to ensure everyone’s safety.

Once you determine the best type of workout, you can choose the right gear for the activities you’ll be doing. Keep in mind that dogs, like humans, can get sunburnt. Dogs with white or light-colored fur and dogs with thinning hair are at an increased risk of harmful sun exposure, especially during peak sunny months. But have no fear! It’s as easy to protect your doggo as it is to protect yourself.

Make sure to choose a sunscreen that is formulated specifically for dogs — do not apply human sunscreen to your pet! The areas with the highest risk for sunburn are your dog’s nose, ears, the area around the eyes, belly, and any areas with short or thin fur or hair. Sun can reflect off of surfaces and hit those hard to reach places, so be sure to cover every area thoroughly.

Depending on the weather and terrain being covered, you may also want to invest in a pair of dog shoes. We know what you’re thinking — dog shoes? Really? — but your dog’s paws are sensitive to things like hot pavement, sharp rocks, and the salt used to treat icy sidewalks and roadways. It’s always better to be prepared for the conditions you could encounter than to find yourself taking an unexpected trip to your vet’s office.

Collars are also an essential accessory for your pet, regardless of the type of activity you’re completing. LuxeMutt prides itself on offering a great luxury dog collar selection for every customer. However, many people may not realize that not only are the collars, not costume pieces that you can find at any chain store, but they also aren’t only intended to be worn on special occasions.

With sturdy nickel-plated hardware and constructed from high-grade premium leather, each leather dog collar, harness, and leash is finished, sealed, and completed with precise perimeter top-stitching. This attention to detail makes every luxury dog collar LuxeMutt creates durable enough for everyday wear — and perfect for wearing during you and your pooch’s workouts!

Safety First for Walking with your Dog

dog drinking water on a walk

While some dogs are better suited for running, others for swimming, and another group for free weights, there are always a few things that remain the same regardless of the exercises you choose: the safety measures that you should take in preparation for a successful workout with your dog.

One of the most important items to consider when working out with your dog is having an adequate amount of water on hand. Dogs are different than humans in the way that they cool themselves. While humans are able to reduce our body temperature through our skin by sweating, dogs only sweat through their paws. The primary way that our furry friends cool their bodies is by panting. This helps circulate air throughout their bodies and reduces their overall core temperature. Keeping your pet adequately hydrated during your workouts can help prevent heatstroke and injuries, as well as make the experience more fun and enjoyable overall for your best friend.

Especially when exercising outdoors, such as taking your dog on a hike or enjoying a bike ride together, pet owners should ensure that their dog’s collar has the proper identification displayed, including a tag with a current phone number and address, a rabies vaccination tag, and any local or state licensing that you may be subject to. Each LuxeMutt luxury dog collar is outfitted with a sturdy nickel D-ring perfect for ensuring that your pet has all of the information needed to track you down in case you become separated during your workout.

Although it’s never planned, accidents happen and being prepared is the best way to ensure a happy ending with your pooch. In addition to securing tags to your pet’s leather dog collar, pet experts also recommend microchipping, a foolproof way to make sure your pet can be identified even if they manage to lose that brand-new luxury dog collar you bought for them.

Happy and Healthy Dogs

At the end of the day, your dog will love working out with you for the simple fact that it allows the two of you to experience additional bonding time. Whether you’re roughing it up a mountain on a mid-morning hike, playing fetch at your favorite watering hole, or working on your abs in the comfort of your own living room, LuxeMutt has you covered. If the minimalist style is more your speed, not to worry! With their wide selection of leather dog collar options, everyone can find something they’ll love for years to come at LuxeMutt.