Incorporating Your Dog into Your Big Day

When you’re preparing to marry your soulmate, no detail goes unchecked. You and your partner will research flower arrangements, tour venues, select a wedding party, address invitations, choose a photographer, videographer, and even a DJ, taste cakes, and likely spend hours (if not days) pouring over the guest list to ensure you’ve invited everyone who you want to be a part of your special day. But what if you forget the most important attendee of your wedding? Forget the officiant — what about your beloved furry friend?

Incorporating your dog into your big day may seem like a challenge, but if planned correctly, can be one of the most fun and special additions possible. And it doesn’t have to come with a cheesy outfit, either. With a ton of luxury dog collar options on the market now, just add a leash and your pet will look just as stunning as you do! Still on the fence? 

Tips for Incorporating your dog into your Big Day

bride and groom kissing dog at wedding

From the location to the accessories, we're about to cover it all and help you incorporate your furry pal into your wedding day!

Step 1: Location, Location, Location

If you’re early enough in the wedding planning process that you haven’t chosen a venue, now is the perfect time to start incorporating your dog into the arrangements. Some establishments may not be dog-friendly, so the earlier you can add your pooch to the planning process, the better. There also may be special arrangements that the venue may ask you to make, so it’s important to give yourself plenty of time to make adjustments to your vision for your big day. If you’re a bit further along in the planning process but are still interested in bringing your pooch along, don’t despair! The worst a venue can say is “no” — and it never hurts to ask! Even if the answer isn’t what you may hope for, there are still several ways to ensure your pet is involved in your happily ever after.

Step 2: Say Cheese! Photos with your Dog

While there are dozens of opportunities to incorporate your dog into your wedding, having them appear in your photos is one of the easiest, and often most popular. Couples often have several sessions to choose from when it comes to photos: engagement shots, bridal portraits, the first look, family photos, and more. Finding a way for your pet to participate in one or all of these sessions only requires a bit of planning and creativity. With the addition of a luxury dog collar and matching leash, they’ll be sure to compliment your look regardless of the background choice.

It has risen in popularity lately for pet-loving couples to have their dog or dogs pose alongside them for their engagement photos. Whether it’s on the beach, a hike, or the place they first met, finding somewhere that is dog-friendly for engagement photos may be a bit easier, especially if the ceremony location is proving to be difficult.

Another popular choice is having your pooch present for the day-of activities prior to the ceremony. Whether that’s hair and make-up for the bride, a few hours of fishing for the groom, or even each person helping to add the finishing touches to the ceremony, the opportunities for great photos are endless. You could even dress up your pooch with a luxury dog collar and matching leash and have them hang out with guests while they’re arriving — how cute would those pictures be?

Step 3: Assigning Job Duties

If you’re sold on having your furry friend at your wedding, but you’re not sure what role they should take on, you’re in luck! Of course, there’s the tried and true ring bearer option, but if you want to change it up a little bit, you can! You could have your pooch serve as an honorary flower girl (or boy!) and walk with your petal prince or princess down the aisle. Add a leash and a matching luxury dog collar to their outfit, and you could also have them escort a prominent member of your family to the altar — maybe Grandma needs a date?

Another option is to simply have your pet as a non-specific member of the wedding party. Whether they walk one of you down the aisle or ensure the officiant is doing their job correctly, the best part about incorporating your dog into your wedding is that there are hundreds of ways to make it your own.

Step 4: Playing Dress Up and Accessorizing your Dog for the Wedding

One of the stereotypical aspects that couples often see when researching doggy dos and don’ts for weddings is the choice of accessories. Whether you want to go all out with something fancy or would rather keep it simplistic, there are tons of options available that will help ensure your dog looks their best on your big day.

While many people have traditionally chosen to opt for the attention-getting styles — think tutus and tiaras or blinged-out tuxedos — those are far from the only outfits available for couples looking to bring their dog along for their wedding. The California-based brand LuxeMutt is perking ears up across the nation with their selection of luxury dog collar and leash options that are perfect for formal occasions like weddings, but also durable enough for everyday wear.

One of the most popular options by LuxeMutt is their Martini Bowtie collection. Featuring a leather bowtie affixed to a beautiful luxury dog collar, each Martini Bowtie is meticulously handcrafted from high-grade natural leather and features a sturdy nickel D-ring and buckle with black backing and black nylon precision perimeter stitching. It’s worth mentioning that the Martini Bowtie luxury dog collar is also offered in a harness and matching leash style!

LuxeMutt also offers two styles that are a bit more eye-catching: the Flower Child and the Rosalicious. The Flower Child is made from high-grade super-soft leather and features a beautiful flower permanently affixed to the leather luxury dog collar. The Rosalicious is equally as beautiful, but with a bit more pizazz. The leather flower is encrusted with over 200 genuine Swarovski crystals and is designed to sit just above your dog’s coat for maximum attention potential.

If you don’t want to be shown up on your big day, you can select a more simplistic style from the LuxeMutt brand thanks to their Minimalist collection. Featuring a simple yet elegant design, each luxury leather collar embodies the idea of “more with less.” Need a matching leash? LuxeMutt has you covered. Thanks to the dedication of the LuxeMutt family and their attention to every last detail, you and your guests will be stunned by the beautiful quality of whichever luxury dog collar and leash combo you select. 

On behalf of the entire LuxeMutt family, congratulations on your engagement! Regardless of the look, you’re going for, LuxeMutt has the perfect option to make your pet a standout addition to your big day. To shop our entire luxury dog collar collection, including the Rosalicious, Martini Bowtie, Minimalist, and Flower Child, as well as our matching leashes and harnesses, visit our website. We can’t wait to be a part of your special day!