A Bowtie Collar Color for Every Occasion

Our pups deserve to be the best-dressed pups out there and what could be better than wearing one of our luxury collars? Whether you're taking your pooch and heading to the park for a little fetch, sitting down for brunch, or even just strutting your stuff down the sidewalk, we at Luxe Mutt strive to make sure your canine is the best-dressed canine out there. Below, we’re going to give you a bowtie collar color for every possible occasion.


California Tangerine Bowtie Collar

orange luxury leather bowtie dog collar

Orange is the new black, are we right? This delightfully colored bowtie collar can fill your pup’s entire fall calendar. Heading out to a dog-friendly Halloween party, this luxury collar will not only make sure your furry one fits right in with the holiday festivities, but the comfy leather material and sturdy nickel D-ring will keep your dog happy and safe, clipped right to your matching, coordinated leash. This combo is the perfect ensemble, whether you’re taking a walk in the fall leaves, sniffing out some fresh fall apples, or going Trick or Treating in the neighborhood. It’s time to get festive and howl at the moon.

Poodle Pink and Pink Martini Bowtie Collar

pink luxury leather bow tie dog collar

If these don’t create the perfect springtime color palette for your pooch, then we don’t know what will. Our luxury collar in poodle pink or pink martini (or both!) is the ultimate accessory for one of the best times of the year. The perfect occasion for these bowtie collars? Sunday brunch, of course. Dress your dog up in their   Sunday best and head to meet friends at your favorite local cafe. Enjoy your time with friends in the late morning sunshine while your pup revels in the attention of passersby while taking in their puppuccino, made especially for them. Everyone out on a weekend stroll will admire your beautiful tail-wagger, all decked out in their gorgeous pink bowtie collar.

Heart of Gold Bowtie Collar

We don’t know about you, but a pup in a gold luxury collar needs to see and be seen. We envision your gorgeous dog wearing this classy collar while taking in an evening of local theater in a gorgeous outdoor setting. Dressed up in their snazziest bowtie collar, you and your furry friend can take in a night of elegance and entertainment, all while looking effortlessly amazing. As you enjoy a smooth glass of wine, your dog can chill with fresh, cold water and luxuriously lay on a blanket, enjoying a fabulous evening. Fresh air, fine accessories and a wonderful drink. We don’t know who will have more fun. Hint, we think it’s your dog.

Basic Black and Black & White Oreo Bowtie Collar

black and white luxury leather bow tie dog collar

First off, can we say LBC? That’s right, it’s the little black collar. You can do absolutely no wrong outfitting your gorgeous mutt in this simple, classic luxury collar. Want a bit more pizazz for your pup? Try out the black and white bowtie collar instead. Like a tux for your furfriend, these collars will add class and esteem to your pooch’s look. Whether you’re heading out on a date and bringing the dogs, or your canine is an honored guest in a wedding party, they will look their absolute best in this classic black (or black and white!) number.

Seafoam Green Bowtie Collar

seafoam green luxury leather bow tie dog collar

So many outings, so little time! Let’s take it down a notch and head to the coast, shall we? It’s time to let your hair down (and flow out the window) in the breeze. Let’s take some time for just you and your canine. Throw this luxury collar on your partner in crime and take a relaxing stroll at the waterfront. It’s not your goal to impress, but it simply cannot be helped. Paired with a seafoam leash, your pup’s style will look effortless as you both wind down after a long week. The gorgeous leather will be comfortable and durable for your dog, perfect for a day at the beach. While there, you should treat both of you to an ice cream cone (dog-friendly of course!). What better way to enjoy the weekend?

Renegade Red Bowtie Collar

Our red bowtie collar is a classic look that can go two ways. Strictly Business or Holiday Festive. It all depends on you and your pup's mood, to be honest. On that thought, why not rock both?  Put on this power color and get ready to be fierce or pair with an equally gorgeous leash and get ready to celebrate the season in the finest of pup attire. It takes a special mutt to pull off both of these looks and who better than yours? Red is power and seasonal all in one little package. Your pup can do no wrong rocking the red.

Country Club Green Bowtie Collar

Well, this little number is self-explanatory! What better color for a day at the club than this gorgeous green? Your tail-wagger will get many an appreciative belly rub for looking so adorable in this bowtie collar. Green is the ideal color for all outings, whether it be at the club or a day at the park. Wherever you choose to take your pet, this luxury collar is sure to catch attention. The perfect universal color for your pooch.

Violet Femme and Purplicious Bowtie Collars

purple luxury leather bow tie dog collar 

Well, this just depends on what level of purple your pup is looking for! Purplicious is a gorgeous deep purple, perfect for that pup-friendly party. As they gather with the other furbabies, yours will undoubtedly stand out in this vibrant shade. Purple is the perfect luxury collar for every party. Violet Femme can be your canine’s daytime look. Afternoon tea in a garden? This soft purple shade can be a perfect match for your correlating sun hat. Whichever purple you choose for your pup, this bowtie collar is the perfect look.

Peacock Blue Bowtie Collar

This beautiful shade of blue on this luxury collar just screams summertime to us, don’t you think? Perfect for barbeques and picnics, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Memorial Day, this bowtie collar in peacock blue is the ideal summertime shade. You can rotate collars or keep this one for the season, and your dog will be the best-looking pup in town. A gorgeous color on any breed, this is a classic bowtie collar for any and all occasions.

No matter the color, the destination, or the pup, we have the perfect luxury collar for you and your beloved pet. Get ready for your next day (or night) out. Your dog is about to look absolutely amazing.