Holiday Outfits: Your Dog Matters, Too!

Winter is coming.

This iconic line should not only spark something inside of you to turn on your favorite TV show. It should also inspire you to get moving on your winter clothes shopping. That’s right! It’s time for a cozy sweater dress and a luxurious pair of heels for you - and honestly, it’s probably time for a sweater and a luxury dog collar for your pup as well! Where should you start? Don't worry. We're here to help dress your dog for the holidays.

Dog Outfit #1: Eye-catching

When November rolls around, one color seems to be everywhere you look: RED! The crispy leaves are changing to a fiery red, and the Christmas bows, ornaments, and lights all seem to be bright red as well. The color is eye-catching and always sure to turn heads. There is no denying that red is the color of the holidays.

How can you bring that trend into what your dog leaves the house wearing? Look no further than our renegade red options! This luxury dog collar is simple yet fashionable. Its super strong double nylon perimeter stitching makes this collar a fantastic choice for looks AND reliability. Pair it with our red rosalicious leash to really make a statement. The rhinestones will shine when the light reflecting off the snow catches them, making dog owners everywhere jealous!

Dog Outfit #2: Let it Snow

One way everyone knows the holidays are coming is the drop in temperatures across America. Some areas of the country get cold and snowy, while others catch a slightly chilly breeze in the sun. No matter where you are, bring the brisk of winter in your dog’s leash and collar.

This peacock blue bowtie harness is an even more secure version of our luxury dog collars! The turquoise is the chilled blue that we had in mind for this outfit’s concept, keeping your pup safe while also keeping him or her looking cute. Add a minimalist white leash to bring the color of the snow, and you’ve got a complete look!

Tip: The beauty of the minimalist white leash is that you can pair it with any of our showstopping dog collars! YES, this includes our bowtie collars in ANY color. It won’t disappoint!

Dog Outfit #3: Classic

When you think holidays, you tend to think of photos. We are full supporters of including your fur baby in your Christmas card, but only if he or she is wearing the right thing. Since everyone in the family will have on their Sunday best, we've helped handpick the perfect luxury dog collar for your pup: this heart of gold martini bowtie collar!

The gold color will remind you of the shiny wrapping paper that covers the Christmas presents or the flickering flame of the menorah, and the bowtie collar proves that your dog knew it was time to look buttoned up.

Whether you and your neighbor have a quiet, friendly competition going on of "whose dog looks better than whose" or you're thinking about taking your pup to meet SantaLuxe Mutt has the look for you!