Celebrate the Holidays with Our Favorite Leather Collars

The holiday season is fast approaching, and so are visitors and events galore! As you rush around making sure your house is presentable and you’ve shopped for gifts and food for every occasion, make sure you haven’t forgotten your furry friend! Whether you’re planning to make them wait patiently and unwrap their newest fashion statement on Christmas morning or if you’re planning to let them model it throughout the entire holiday season, LuxeMutt has you and your pup covered from head to tail!

From the most festive hues to fit any occasion to show-stopping metallics for the pup in the spotlight, no matter your pup’s personality, we’ve got a collar that’s a perfect treat for them (and you!) this holiday season.


Measure Twice, Buy the Collar Once

Much like gifting clothing to anyone else on your list, ensuring you have the correctly sized collar is essential for the best fit and comfort for your furry friend. No one enjoys getting a new outfit, only to realize it’s two sizes too small!

To make sure you’re buying the right size for your pup, we have a few pieces of advice:

  1. If you’re upgrading to a new collar but are comfortable with the current collar’s fit, measure from the center bar of the buckle to the hole in use to determine the right collar size.
  2. If you aren’t sure of your dog’s neck size, you’ll need to measure it and then compare it to our sizing chart.
  3. Always remember that leather collars tend to fit a little tighter, so make sure to consider that when ordering if you’re on the fence between sizes.


Okay, But Why a Leather Dog Collar?

colorful leather luxury dog collars

Fact: if maintained well and kept relatively dry, leather dog collars can last for years. Leather dog collars are made from naturally occurring materials, which means they rarely cause allergic reactions in dogs like collars made from other materials can, and they're much more comfortable for your pup. Plus, high-quality leather dog collars feel great and look great—making them the perfect addition to your dog’s holiday wardrobe.


Introducing Our Favorite Holiday Hues of our Collection

Once temperatures drop, leaves start to fall, and snow is in the forecast, you typically switch up your wardrobe, so why shouldn’t you do the same for your fur baby? Picking out the perfect fashion accessory has never been easier, with designs and colors aimed to please even the pickiest of pups. You can also mix and match styles to create adorable and trendy combinations that everyone will be envious of this holiday season!

No matter the style of luxury dog collar you pick, we have options in fun, festive holiday-worthy hues.   Our collars can make your pup stand out whether Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah festivities are on your calendar.


Giving Thanks for Man’s Best Friend

If you’re like us, it doesn’t take a holiday like Thanksgiving for you to be thankful for your pup, but why not show your gratitude and gift them a bowtie dog collar anyway? That way, you can show off your “gift” to your family and friends, either in person or on social media, through your family photo. Your bowtie-clad pup will be the best-dressed dog on your Instagram feed, for sure! To complement the beautiful fall colors on the trees or your Thanksgiving table, try looking for a collar in these color families:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Gold
  • Blue

Another option that’s sure to catch the attention of your Instagram followers is our adorable flower child collars, a timeless style perfect for any hippie hounds in your life. To play off the gorgeous fall colors, we suggest sunshine yellow or orange kiss, but you can’t go wrong with blue bliss, either!


Calling All Christmas Canines

We’ve got the perfect bowtie dog collar for the pup anxiously awaiting Santa Claus’ arrival on Christmas Eve! Not only does this bowtie dog collar make your pup look like the perfect present that you know he is, but it also comes in tons of festive colors, sure to match your Christmas décor! Some of our favorite options for Christmas:

  • This black and white oreeo bowtie dog collar is perfect for the pup going for a sleek, edgier vibe. Plus, this option matches with basically any leash style or color. Our favorite pairing is the black and white oreeo bowtie dog collar with the renegade red minimalist leash for a fun pop of color!

If a bowtie dog collar isn’t your pup’s thing, we’ve got other options for you, as well!


The Rosalicious collar in Renegade Red would be the perfect show-stopping collar for your Christmas-loving canine, too. Complete with Swarovski Crystals complementing the beautiful leather rose, this collar’s attention to detail will undoubtedly get your pup noticed at every holiday party!


Making sure to treat your Christmas-loving pup to heartfelt and thoughtful gifts is a great way to show your love for them. Other ideas for your best friend can include a matching collar, Christmas-themed sweaters, and treat puzzles to keep your furry friend occupied while you’re at work!


For the Hanukkah-loving Hounds

If you and your pup celebrate Hanukkah together, you’re in luck because we’ve got beautiful collars that will make your Festival of Lights celebration even brighter this year. Our metallic bowtie dog collar would make the perfect addition to any Hanukkah event that your pup may attend. If your pup prefers to blend in while still looking fabulous, might we suggest the elegant and understated bowtie collar in basic black? After all, you can never go wrong with the elegance of a black bowtie dog collar!


Looking for something a bit more understated? Our line of minimalist leather dog collars might be perfect for your pup in that case! These elegant but classic collars are handcrafted to hold up to everything life throws at them, from everyday life to special events throughout the entire holiday season. A few of our favorites for the holidays are:


  • Basic Black: Your fundamental black statement piece that is designed to complement anything in your pup’s wardrobe.
  • Grapeseed Butterscotch: A beautiful soft purple featuring supple brown butterscotch leather backing.
  • Country Club Green Too: Perfect for a day at the country club or your next holiday party, this vibrant green collar is the perfect holiday addition to your pup’s party look.
  • Renegade Red: Designed to pop against any color fur, this vibrant red collar is a must-have for any holiday get together.


While you don’t have to buy your pup eight bowtie dog collars to celebrate Hanukkah this year, there are plenty of options available on our website. If you can’t decide between one or two unique collars for your dog, you can always buy more than one to alternate between special events. Other fun Hanukkah-worthy ideas include plush toy dreidels, Hanukkah-themed sweaters, and of course, a matching leash!


The Paw-fect Pair of Collar

Take your dog’s style to the next level this holiday season by complimenting their luxury dog collar with a cozy sweater that’s designed to keep them warm all winter! Not only will your pup appreciate a warm sweater on those cold winter days when you take them outside to potty, but they’ll be the star of all your holiday gatherings, too! You can even take it a step further and get them an adorably ugly Christmas or Hanukkah sweater to stay on trend and fit right in at the inevitable ugly sweater party you find yourself attending.


How Do I Celebrate the Holidays with My Pup?

Besides making sure your four-legged friend is on the receiving end of gifts that show them how much they’re loved, what else can you do for your dog this holiday season? Above all, your pup loves spending quality time with you, so we’ve put together a list of five things you can put into practice this holiday season to show even more love for your puppy.

  1. Plan a Holiday Photoshoot
  2. Put Together a Puppy-Approved Feast
  3. Keep Your Pup Safe Wherever They Go
  4. Pamper Your Pup with a Spa Day
  5. Give Back to Other Pups


  1. Plan a Holiday Photoshoot

puppy sitting on a stocking in front of a Christmas tree

If you don’t already have a family photo with your puppy included, the holidays are a great time to plan one! Whether you choose to take photos outdoors with the fall foliage or in the snow or decide to take some with Santa Claus or at a Christmas tree farm, the possibilities are endless! The most important thing is making sure your furry friend is involved! As you’re planning out everyone’s outfit, make sure not to forget your pup! Fact: a unique bowtie dog collar is the perfect accessory to help your dog look their best in family photos!


  1. Put Together a Puppy-Approved Feast

As you’re planning your holiday meal this year, make sure to include your four-legged friends, so they aren’t tempted to eat all the foods that are dangerous for them. Foods like chocolate-based desserts, fatty foods, or those with bones in them can harm your pup if they accidentally ingest them while you aren’t looking. To avoid an emergency trip to the animal hospital over the holidays, try this recipe for pup-friendly mini pumpkin pies! You might as well invite your pup’s friends over to enjoy the feast, too!


  1. Keep Your Pup Safe Wherever They Go

The holidays can be busier than usual, which sometimes translates into traveling to see family or taking trips to exciting, but new destinations like the Christmas Tree farm or the pet store for photos with Santa. No matter where you roam this holiday season with your four-legged friend in tow, make sure that you keep pup safe and accounted for by purchasing a good quality dog collar. Not only for style, dog collars and leashes are there to ensure that your dog stays by your side, where they belong. Investing in a bowtie dog collar made from good quality leather that will hold up for years is a significant step to keep your best friend safe, happy, and looking adorable.


  1. Pamper Your Puppy with a Spa Day

With all the upcoming holiday events, make sure your pup can put their best paw forward with a fresh haircut and bath! Making time to pamper your pup will not only make them look and feel better, but it’ll also help your dog enjoy the holidays, knowing they’re looking their best! Plus, nothing looks better on a freshly groomed pup than a beautiful new collar!


  1. Give Back to Other Pups

Remember that age-old saying that, “It is better to give than receive?” Here at LuxeMutt, we feel that we should include giving back to dogs, as well! Finding a way for you and your pup to give back to local animal shelters or national organizations is a great way to give back to the canine community. Whether you choose to donate blankets or food to a local shelter or “pay it forward” by purchasing a dog collar for another four-legged friend for Christmas, the possibilities are endless. Whatever you do, doing it with love is the true meaning behind the holiday season.


Made with Love. Gifted with Love.

Here at LuxeMutt, we know the bond you have with your dog is a special one, and we choose to honor that by crafting quality luxury dog collars that you can feel good about buying and gifting to your pup this holiday season. We hope that our handcrafted collars (and matching leashes!) bring you and your dog as much joy as they do us! By giving you plenty of options to choose from, we hope you’re able to find a collar as unique as your pup this holiday season!

We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or need help finding the perfect collar for the four-legged friend in your life!