Capture Your Pup’s Cuteness with Family Photos

At LuxeMutt, we know your four-legged friends are as much a part of the family as you are. And with the increasing popularity of photoshoots full of fall foliage, sunsets, and pumpkin patches, there’s no better way to capture your pup’s cuteness than staging puppy family photos this fall.

Whether they’re large or small, incorporating puppies into your photoshoot can often add a layer of difficulty. However, with the right planning and preparation, you too can show off your perfect puppy family photos—capturing the attention of all your friends and family. 

family photo on the beach with dog

Five Ways to Ensure Dog-Friendly Family Photos

  1. Pack plenty of treats
  2. Praise good behavior
  3. Accessorize your pup
  4. Keep it short and sweet
  5. Extend plenty of grace

Let’s take a look at each tip for dog photos in more detail:

  1. Pack Plenty of Treats

Puppies tend to respond better to being asked to sit still for photos if you reward them for their good behavior. Plus, anticipating a reward for their excellent behavior in the form of a delicious treat will give your pup a lot to look forward to throughout the entire shoot.

  1. Praise Good Behavior

Along with yummy treats, ensure that you’re giving your puppy plenty of praise throughout the shoot for his or her positive behavior. “Good Boy!” can go a long way for a puppy that’s eager to please you.

  1. Accessorize Your Pup

Make sure your dog gets in on the color-coordinated outfit fun by choosing a unique collar or leash for the big day. From bowties to something with a little more flower power for the girly girls, you can’t go wrong with a special accessory for your favorite fashionable pup!

  1. Keep it Short and Sweet

Family photos tend to take a while to get perfect and can be tough for even the most patient of people. It should come as no surprise that it might also take a toll on your puppy’s patience, too. If you’re opting to take some photos with the puppy and some without, try to get the puppy family photos done first. This way, your four-legged friend has room to roam while the rest of the shots are captured.   

  1. Extend Plenty of Grace

Not every photo will be perfect. But no matter what, you’ll to have plenty of picture-perfect memories to look back on from your puppy family photoshoot. Make sure to give everyone (including yourself!) plenty of grace throughout the process and know that at the end of the day, you’ll find a few perfect shots for social media or your family’s Christmas card this year.

Planning and pulling off a fall photoshoot with your pups can be complicated and sometimes stressful. However, the memories of that special day will make it worth it!

Make sure that you, your family, and your furry friends prepare for your upcoming photo shoot accordingly by keeping our tips and tricks in mind. LuxeMutt can help make all your puppy family photo dreams come true, helping your pup lead the pack with a fashion-forward collar or leash perfect for fall!