Our Top Fall Trips for You and Your Pup

Autumn is a beautiful season, for humans and their dogs alike! The weather is far more temperate than the sweltering summer months, meaning you and your pup can explore the outdoors without overheating. You can finally bust out the cute red and orange knit sweaters you've been saving for your pal to wear and take him on long walks through the neighborhood to admire the leaves together. Better yet, grab a rake and build a huge leaf pile in your front yard for your pup to jump and play around in!

Aside from cozy clothes, cups of warm apple cider, and falling leaves, autumn is full of seasonal activities for you and your four-legged friend to take advantage of. 

Favorite Fall to Dos with your Pup:

  1. Local fairs
  2. Beer gardens
  3. Going to the beach
  4. Hiking
  5. Trick or treating
  6. Fall weddings
  7. Dog parks
  8. Apple picking
  9. Going to a football game
  10.  A trip to the farmer's market

Are you excited for fall excursions with your furry friend yet? Read on to discover the perfect fall activity for you and your pup to enjoy!

Bring Your Pal to the Fair!

dog at fair with woman in front of toys

The season of fall is synonymous with county fairs and carnivals. Who doesn't love the sights and sounds of a local festival? There are tons of fun games to try out, delicious fair food to sample, and plenty of events for you and your pup to take in. Since many fall fairs are typically outdoor events, you don't have to worry about whether or not you can bring your pal with you. Try your luck at one of the many midway games to win your dog a furry stuffed prize that he can treasure forever (or at least for a little while).

Fairs are exciting but can also be overstimulating for your furry friends. With all the lights, music, and the crowds, your dog may end up distracted by certain smells or sights that he doesn't usually encounter. Without the proper collar and dog leash, he could end up running off into the crowd. The rest of your festival day will then be spent trying to track him down.

A leather dog collar and dog leash combination set is an excellent way to ensure that you and your pup enjoy the midway without any issues. LuxeMutt's leather dog collar and dog leash lines are made of the highest quality material, with unmatched craftsmanship. Our range of collars are made from locally sourced leather and are long-lasting. They feature high-quality nickel hardware, heat-sealed finished edges, and super durable double nylon perimeter stitching. Best of all, they are available for dogs of all sizes, from the smallest Chihuahua to the biggest Burmese out there.

A LuxeMutt Minimalist leather dog collar features classic pieces that any dog will love. In colors like Seafoam Green, Purplicious and Peacock Blue, your dog's beautiful coat and striking eyes will be sure to pop!

Beer Gardens

In both cities and suburbs, beer gardens have been growing in popularity as fun weekend hangout spots. They offer outdoor seating and frequently feature live music, setting the mood for a relaxing afternoon sipping a tasty beer flight. Who else do you want to cheers to at a beer garden except for your best furry friend?

Just as you would at a local fair or carnival, you'll want to be sure that you have the right collar and dog leash to keep your pal in check. You don't want your furry friend jumping up on a stranger and spilling beer everywhere! Luckily, our collars, leashes, and harnesses are a perfect way to showcase your dog's style to the crowd at your local beer garden while also keeping him grounded. For a touch of sass, try the Peacock Blue Bowtie leather dog harness. The super-soft leather and adjustable straps will be comfortable for your pup to wear for long periods, so grab a flight and sip away!

The Beach: It Isn't Just a Summer Spot!

dog running on beach at ocean

For most dogs, a large body of water is fascinating! They will often sprint directly in and swim around happily, getting themselves (and you) drenched. Dogs enjoy ponds, lakes, and rivers, but are especially delighted by the ocean. They love the feeling of the sand under their paws and the long stretch of open beach to sprint along, scaring away the seagulls as they go. A quick dip in the ocean is the perfect way for your pup to cool off before continuing to explore in the sand.

Typically, during the height of summer beach season, dogs are not allowed on the beach. With so many people crowding in with their blankets and beach chairs, an excitable dog on the beach can cause confusion and chaos. The fall is the perfect time to introduce your pal to sun, sand, and surf without crowds of beachgoers to avoid.

Since the beach will be much emptier than it is during the summer months, your pal will have tons of space to run and play. To make your beach trip that much more eventful, bring some fun toys along with you! A frisbee is a great choice to get your dog sprinting through the dunes or diving into the waves. Be sure to bring your leather dog collar and dog leash with you just in case you need to get your pal in check around other beachcombers.

Autumn Hikes for Your and Your Dog

Fall is the perfect season for exploring! Hiking is one of the most fun activities you can do with your dog during the autumn. The cooler weather means that you and your furry friend will be comfortable and have more endurance for a longer, more strenuous hike. There are so many smells for your pup to investigate while you travel through the woods! Plus, you’ll get some amazing photos of your dog along the way.

When hiking with your pup, it is essential to respect other hikers you may run into on the trail. Bringing a leather dog collar and dog leash with you is a way to ensure that other hikers don't become spooked if your dog jumps out of the trees at them.

Trick or Treating

dog as ghost with treat bucket

One of the most iconic parts of the fall season is Halloween. The excitement of decorating your home with giant blowup ghosts, tombstones and fake spider webs is second only to coming up with the perfect Halloween costume to impress your friends and family. Halloween has something for everyone to enjoy. Just as you take pride in assembling the most clever costume, you can enjoy coming up with a costume for your furry pal as well! Dress them up in an outfit to match your own or something entirely different as you stroll through the neighborhood, collecting candy and compliments from friends and neighbors.

If your pup is not the costume type, you can still show their Halloween spirit with the right accessories! To turn your puppy into the talk of the town, try a LuxeMutt's Martini Bowtie leather dog collar and matching dog leash in fun Halloween colors! A Basic Black Martini Bowtie collar paired with the California Tangerine Martini Bowtie leather dog leash screams spooky trick-or-treat fun and is sure to impress both humans and pooches alike!

Celebrate the Happy Couple

Fall is a popular time for couples to tie the knot. The weather is particularly temperate, and who wouldn't love beautiful wedding photos with the changing leaves framing the happy couple?

Lots of fall weddings happen outside, which is perfect for bringing along your four-legged guest to celebrate the happy couple.

If your pup is to attend a wedding as your plus one, they will need to look the part! LuxeMutt's Rosalicious line of leather dog collars are a step above in terms of glamour and make the perfect statement at your friends' wedding! Featuring a beautifully crafted leather rose, covered in genuine Swarovski Crystals, this collar is a real showstopper. Your pup may end up the talk of the wedding and get more than a few featured photos in the happy couple's wedding album.

You can pair your pal's leather dog collar with a matching Rosalicious leather dog leash for added bling!

Autumn Fun at the Dog Park

dogs running at dog park

No matter the season, you and your four-legged friend can have a blast at your local dog park, but the fall weather makes it that much easier to stand outside and watch your dog run and play. Before the chill of the winter sets in and makes going to the dog park slightly less enjoyable, get out there during the fall as much as possible! Your pup will love being out in the crisp fall air, horsing around with other local dogs. Going to the dog park in the fall is also an excellent opportunity for you to meet some new people from your neighborhood and learn about new fall events or activities to get involved in. Bring some apple cider donuts to share, and your dog won't be the only one making new friends!

Apple Picking

Is there anything quite as autumnal as visiting an apple orchard? The beautifully lush apple trees are an iconic fall staple. With their children's games, hayrides, and best of all, apple cider and apple cider donuts, orchards rival carnivals as the most fun activity you can take part in during the fall. Break out your blanket scarf and knee-high boots and make sure your dog has a matching fall sweater to rock at the orchard with you!

Before you head out to the orchard for the day, you'll want to be sure that you have your leather dog collar and dog leash handy for your trip with your furry friend. Many orchard-goers will fawn over your pup, but not everyone shares our level of dog obsession. Some people aren't dog people, while others may have had a bad experience with a dog in the past. Seeing a dog off-leash in such a crowded place can make them feel ill at ease or even scared. Our Minimalist Renegade Red leather dog collar and matching red leather dog leash are perfect fall accessories to show off your pal's fall flair while keeping others feeling comfortable around your pal.

Fun at a Football Game

No sport draws quite as much attention like fall football. Between tailgate parties before games on the weekend, watch parties at home, or pickup games in the park, football is everywhere starting in early September. Pack your pup in the car with your cooler and foam fingers and head out to a local high school game! He'll be sure to impress the other fans in the stands with his stylish leather dog collar and dog leash in your favorite team's colors. If you can find a dog-sized jersey to show his support for the home team, even better!

Farmer's Market

woman at farmers market with dog

Last but not least, fall is full of farmer's markets, which are an excellent place to bring your dog for a stroll! Aside from fresh produce, many local farmers' markets will feature more artisanal treats, including specialty-made dog treats. You and your pal can snag a seat on the grass nearby, and people watch while you enjoy the fresh air and ambiance of the market!

Keep in mind that lots of families will bring their young children to the farmer's market as part of their family weekend outings, and children can sometimes startle an unsuspecting pup. To keep your furry friend in check, make sure his leather dog collar is on and your dog leash is in hand! That way, you can be sure you'll have control in case your pup gets nervous or overexcited.

We've given you our favorite suggestions for fall activities, but there are more ways than one to celebrate fall with your best furry friend. Part of enjoying the season is making sure that your pal looks as autumnal as possible. Grab your pal a cozy sweater and pick up a LuxeMutt leather dog collar in a festive fall color to celebrate the season!