What Are the Leash Laws in New Jersey?

Everyone knows their favorite canine companion is safer and the pet owner more responsible when the pooch is tethered to a dog leash when away from home. Without a luxury leash, things can go wrong in a hurry, but LuxeMutt is here to help!


From state to state, the fine details of leash laws vary, but New Jersey leash laws are not much different from others in their overall goal - they want to keep you and your best friend safe and out of trouble.


According to New Jersey leash law, “The governing body of every municipality may make, amend, repeal, and enforce ordinances to prohibit or regulate the running at large of dogs.”


How to Interpret New Jersey Leash Laws

In essence, the law appeals largely to common sense, so use it. It tells owners their dogs cannot run amok. Even those quick trips outside at the end of the night should include a dog leash like the ones offered in our exclusive line of leashes, collars, and harnesses for every shape and size of doggo.


The Liberty Humane Society, located in Jersey City, goes into specifics when it comes to the New Jersey leash law, saying the rules governing dog leashes are based on animal safety and respect for other dog owners. “By not restraining your dog, you are placing them and other community members at risk. Not all dogs like other dogs, and some dogs may attack or bite a dog who gets too close to them,” says the Liberty Humane Society’s website. It identifies the potential for unexpected and potentially dangerous confrontations between a loose dog and one being walked by another owner.


Keep Dogs on a Short Leash


New Jersey leash laws require dogs to be leashed the entire time they are out for a walk, and the Humane Society takes that a few steps further. It wants owners to rein in the length of luxury leashes used for a safe and fun stroll around the neighborhood and help avoid confrontations with other dogs. “Long leashes make it difficult to control your dog’s movement effectively,” the Liberty site says. “Having them on a leash prevents them from getting lost, running into traffic, and potentially causing an accident.”


Exceptions to Leash Laws in New Jersey


New Jersey leash laws only allow dogs to be unrestrained when at a public dog park.


But that doesn’t mean the experience has to be all business, and that’s where LuxeMutt comes in. The entire dog-walking process can be fun for you, your dog, and the whole neighborhood with our luxury leashes. Make your pet look stylish on a walk while also providing proper comfort and safety. You’ll have a more enjoyable walk, and your pooch gets to show off their personality; it’s a win-win!


While we’re out living our lives, our cooped-up pooches are waiting for that magic moment when we walk through the front door. Your dog’s daily highlight could be even greater with a LuxeMutt leash, and it can make compliance with New Jersey leash laws a vital part of the daily doggie routine.