Bowtie Collar Breakdown: What You Need to Know

Of all the ways LuxeMutt can make your dog the most fabulous fido on the block, nothing better ties together our passion for pooches and our commitment to luxury than our signature Martini Bowtie collars.

We want your dog to make a statement with style and sass, and you can let a luxury dog collar do the talking for them. Add an immediate pop of color to your canine's collar and allow your favorite companion to experience the comfort of a leather dog collar instead of the cheaper, less-attractive brands made mostly of nylon webbing or braided rope. Teamed with one of our luxury leashes, you can have the most decked-out doggo in town sporting its bowtie collar.


Why Buy a LuxeMutt Collar?

It's no mistake that when you visit our site, the two things your eyes see first are our precious pups and our knockout, one-of-a-kind Martini bowtie collars. We don't recommend having one without the other. There is no more perfect pairing than your pup decked out in a luxury dog collar.

Scrolling past our favorite models, you will also see the very first top-left tab says 'Collars.' Scroll a little further down the home page and you will also see that our Martini bowtie collars are our top seller. It's because people and their dogs know quality leather dog collars when they see, feel, and use them.

So, if that doesn't give you and your canine a hint and a little jolt of inspiration, we strongly recommend you check out all 13 different colors and styles of bowtie collars.


What Makes It a Luxury Dog Collar?

We're in the business of doggie luxury, and we don't care if your hound hails from champion breeders or the town puppy pound. They all look better and more distinguished with a high-quality leather dog collar, like our handcrafted items from super-soft, high-grade natural leather.

Each one of our Martini bowtie collars features precision perimeter stitching, sealed backing and edging, and a sturdy nickel D-ring and buckle for added durability. It adds some peace of mind knowing when you choose to walk your dog with one of our luxury dog collars, the fashion statement is backed up by strength and long-term reliability.


Our Collars Are Genuine Handmade Quality

The bowtie itself on each of our luxury dog collars is the star of the show here, and each one is permanently riveted to the leather band and sits elevated above your dog's fur for maximum visibility. It is a stroke of ingenuity in a classic design meant to make your dog stand out and walk with a purpose.

LuxeMutt Martini bowtie collars are a classic identity for your dog that will become synonymous with your pup no matter its size, age, or origin. Our luxury dog collars are available in sizes XS to 3XL.

The construction is simple. The quality and attention to detail? Not so much. These aren't assembly-line items but rather high-quality, luxury dog collars made one at a time.

When you invest in one of our Martini bowtie collars, you're investing in the happiness of your dog and you. If that collar makes pooch and person alike happier and more confident, how can you afford not to have one?

Our leather dog collars are handmade, so it's natural for there to be a slight variation in size and color - it comes along with a quality, handmade product. It's that uniqueness you're purchasing when you buy one of our luxury dog collars!


Find the Right Dog Collar

According to the American Kennel Club, the ideal dog collar for any pooch is a flat buckle-style collar like the Martini bowtie collar.

They say what we already know: the collar, or one of our luxury dog collars, is "the most fundamental piece of dog equipment." You certainly want to be legally compliant, so you will also be required to purchase a dog leash (or one of our luxury leashes). Nonetheless, a leather dog collar will be the centerpiece of your dog's safety, functionality, and style.

You also want a dog that is secure and not a danger to itself or others at any time, and that means you need a leather dog collar, so there is no slipping out easily or wrestling free in a moment of excitement or panic.

You want your best friend treated like a best friend, with plenty of breathing room around the neck. Think of it as an actual bowtie, though maybe one worn to a casual dinner.


Will Any Size Bowtie Collar Fit My Dog?

Since we have established that there is nothing more important than getting the right fit when selecting which luxury dog collar is right for your best pal, let's get down the specifics of just which one the best one is for you and your dog.

Our Martini bowtie collars and our other luxury dog collars may run smaller than your current collar. You can measure your dog's neck with a soft tape measure to ensure the proper fit.

From the tiniest toy-sized breeds to the biggest bullmastiffs, one of our sizes will be perfect, and here are some guidelines to use when ordering from LuxeMutt:

XS (fits 6"-8") width 1/2"

Small (fits 8"-10") width 1/2"

Medium (fits10" -12") width 3/4"

Large (fits 12"-14") width 3/4"

XL (14"-16") width 3/4"

2XL (16"-18") width 1

3XL (18"-20") width 1"


One final tip: If you are currently happy with the fit of your dog collar, please measure the collar from the center bar of the buckle to the hole you use to fasten your collar when determining the best size for your luxury dog collar.


The Top 5 Bowtie Dog Collars

All 13 of our Martini bowtie collars are winners, but these five make a big statement.

  1.  Pink Martini Bowtie Leather Dog Collar

It's almost like we took the same pink from the Luxe Mutt California banner and injected it into this eye-popping bubble gum-colored leather dog collar. Okay, so maybe we did.

There is no mistaking who the princess (or prince) is with this bright burst of color. The backside, the edging, and the perimeter nylon stitching are all black, making for dramatic contrast and making your pup even prettier in pink.

Since each item is handmade, there might be slight differences in color from one bowtie collar to the next. We celebrate the differences!


  1.  Violet Femme Martini Bowtie Leather Dog Collar

Everyone will sit and stay when you walk past, showing off this delicious deep dive of purple leather with intricate handmade black nylon stitching, and black backing and edging.

If purple is the mood for you and your tail-wagging little lady or dude, this lighter hue with a bit of a feminine twist is a study in perfection. It's a more toned-down version than the much brighter, bolder Purplicious Martini Bowtie Leather Dog Collar, but this one has a drama all its own.


3. Country Club Green Too Martini Bowtie Leather Dog Collar

Nothing says spring like this shade of green, and no matter how fancy your canine is, the country club bowtie collar is a sure winner.

Your pupper will look fit for a proper afternoon at The Masters but will be just as fancy at the town dog park in this lush green collar that's a dash of class without being pretentious or corny about it.

Like all of our luxury dog bowtie collars, we'll ship it to any front door (or dog house) anywhere in the USA.


2. California Tangerine Martini Bowtie Leather Dog Collar

A big, sweet splash of West Coast citrus landed in this bright orange leather dog collar, as did a perfectly centered, handmade bowtie. The black nylon stitching and black backing and edging add to the color explosion in each bowtie collar.

Like all of our luxury dog collars and dog accessories, this leather dog collar comes to you handcrafted from our Southern California style lab.


1. Heart of Gold Martini Bowtie Leather Dog Collar

Quite literally, the gold standard of leather dog collars and luxury dog collars anywhere. Feel positively regal whether your dog is a mutt or a purebred, a queen, a king, or a little prince or princess in this metallic gold leather dog collar.

Whether it's out for a stroll in the big city or a romp down an old country lane, your canine can feel and look like the most special pup around adorned in gold.

Keep in mind, your dog can wear this and all of our Martini bowtie collars front and center, side-saddled, or just slightly off-center to show off your dog's unique personality or to take things from a formal, traditional look to a more casual style.


What Do I Need Besides a Dog Collar?

We thought you would never ask.

Before you go and pick out that luxury dog collar for your favorite canine companion, especially if this is your first collar-buying experience in your owner-pupper relationship, consider a few more things. For one, does your luxury dog collar have a matching luxury dog leash? You won't have to go anywhere else to find that. And for that matter, why would you when we match all of our leather dog collars with a corresponding leash.

Before you buy, check out our handmade luxury harnesses just to make sure you're getting what is best suited to your dog and what will make him or her look and feel fabulous. We offer miles of other styles, including our Flower Child dog collar, the Minimalist dog collar, and leash line, and the ultra-glamorous Rosalicious collar.

Our luxury dog leash line includes the Martini Bowtie leash, quite possibly the perfect and most necessary accompaniment to a bowtie collar and available in corresponding styles and colors.


LuxeMutt Luxury Dog Collars


No matter if it's for special occasions or merely your dog's everyday leather dog collar, the LuxeMutt Martini bowtie collar can always make the right statement.

You go the extra mile to feed your pup the perfect diet, you fret over which bed is the most appropriate for your pooch, you make sure all shots and flea treatments are up to date, nails are clipped, and their coat is freshly groomed. So why penny-pinch on a grocery store dog collar when you can own a luxury dog collar?

After all, their collar the only thing closer to your dog than you.