Leash Laws for the Pooch Living in Minnesota

Minnesota is a midwestern state that borders Canada, the Dakotas, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Its name means “cloudy water.” “Minni” comes from the Sioux word meaning water, and the Minnesota River was actually named first. Among the interesting facts about Minnesota we could list, there are several silly laws that are more fun to discuss.

  • You’re not legally allowed to tease a skunk. Why anyone would want to, we don’t know.
  • Cow owners in Wayland are allowed to keep their cow on Main Street for just three cents a day! What a deal!
  • It’s illegal to let an animal sleep in a bakery. Put that dog leash to good use and take your pooch home before you hit the hay.
  • If a cat is found stray, a police officer must kill it. Well, that escalated quickly, didn’t it? Yikes.

With all these silly and unique laws, you may be wondering what laws affect you and your fur babies in Minnesota. Are there leash laws in Minnesota? 


Leash Laws Regarding Dogs in Minnesota

While there are a lot of laws relating to animals and dogs, there are no state-wide leash laws in Minnesota. Instead, the laws are at the discretion of the cities. It is illegal, however, to let unlicensed dogs roam. Animal control impounds loose dogs if caught. You should be familiar with the leash laws in your city of Minnesota, but LuxeMutt recommends always keeping your furry friend on a dog leash when you leave the house. Luxury leashes are not only a way to extend your style to your pup, but they are also the best options in terms of quality and safety.


Luxury Dog Leashes Make Leash Training Easier

Have you ever wondered which type of dog leash is best for training your dog to walk on a leash? Or which kind of leash makes for the most enjoyable walks? Luxury leashes are the answer. Leather leads are top of the line luxury dog leashes. Leather offers you a more comfortable experience while walking your BFF because it gradually softens over time, giving way to an even more luxurious feel. Leather is also more durable, and while a more significant investment initially, they last much longer than leashes made of other material.

In the end, you will save money by purchasing a quality leash. On top of all the logical reasons to choose a luxury dog leash, we’ve got to mention the aesthetic appeal. You like to look your best when you step out, why should your dog be any different? Show off how stylish you truly are with a leather leash and collar combo! Fun colors pop and show off your little buddy’s spunky personality, or keep it classy with black or white. Mix and match your classically colored leash with a fun collar for a show-stopping set.

Minnesota is an excellent home for dog lovers, and though they do not have state-wide leash laws, LuxeMutt always recommends keeping your dog on quality, luxury collars, harnesses, and leashes. Keep them safe, secure, and

stylish all at the same time!