Essential Features to Consider for a Luxury Dog Collar

Here are some more considerations to think about when you’re searching for the best luxury dog collars that are not only stylish but also demonstrate high-quality craftsmanship that will help to ensure your pup’s safety.


Spend Time Researching Dog Collar Materials

Standard flat collars are a prevalent type of collar that you’ll find at most stores. These are commonly made from nylon or leather and are an excellent choice for most dogs. While both nylon and leather are generally very reliable in terms of safety, we recommend choosing high-quality leather dog collars for strength, comfort, and style. Top-grain leathers are made from the outermost layer of the animal hide, which features more tightly packed fibers. These types of leather dog collars tend to be stronger and more durable than those featuring inferior leathers.

Do not forget to consider the hardware on the luxury dog collars that you’ll use to clip leashes and an identification tag to keep track of your furry friend. These buckles and loops should be made of a sturdy metal and securely fastened to the best luxury dog collars. LuxeMutt’s selection of leather dog collars are not only made with premium high-grade leather, but they also feature super strong nickel-plated hardware to keep your pup safe in style.


It’s All in The Details of the Dog Collar

What good are premium materials if they are not put together correctly? Not much. Particularly when it comes to the safety of your pet, it is essential to consider all the details as you search for the best luxury dog collar. When you are looking for high-quality leather dog collars, it is crucial to pay attention to how the materials are secured together. In the event of an emergency - like the story we shared at the beginning of this post - the last thing you want when you get a hold of your pup’s luxury dog collar is for it to fall apart.

To avoid this kind of debacle, look at the stitching along the edges of the collar and any areas where one piece of material connects to another. Here, keep an eye out for potential areas of weakness that seem insecure or frayed. Fraying, tearing, and too much flexibility or stretch should send up a red flag for pet owners looking for the best luxury dog collars.  

Instead, look for durable perimeter stitching as well as expertly sealed backing and edging to provide a secure hold on the materials that make up your favorite luxury dog collars. Choose a collar with heat-sealed edging and perimeter stitching in a contrasting color from the leather, like our Black and White Martini Bowtie Leather Dog Collar. It'll provide you with peace of mind, and it's an eye-catching statement that shows off you and your pup’s sense of style.


Choose a Harness for Added Security and Safety

The list of reasons why a harness is a great addition to your dog's walking apparel is pretty extensive, here are just a few reasons to choose a harness:

  • If your dog has a tendency to pull and you are concerned about the stress to your pup’s neck and throat
  • They provide more control for the walker than a conventional leather dog collar that only goes around the dog’s neck
  • They are especially helpful in high-traffic areas or crowds
  • It's a helpful tool for puppies who haven’t yet learned how to walk correctly on a leash
  • Elderly dogs or a dog with difficulty getting around benefit from a harness as they offer a way to assist the dog in getting up from the floor


There are lots of different types of harnesses available. Some are intended to help curb a dog’s pulling habits, while others are designed more for your dog’s comfort. Certain dogs have narrow heads and can slip out of a traditional circular luxury dog collar. In these instances, harnesses are an especially good choice to ensure the safety of your dog. That said, some other types of dogs’ body shapes don’t work as well with harnesses and may be better suited for traditional luxury dog collars. Dogs with broad chests, such as Great Danes or Dobermans, may be able to slip out of some harnesses, so be sure to check the fit in an enclosed area before taking them outside.

When choosing the best luxury dog collar harness for your pet, pay attention to how it fits. While you may think choosing a harness is a no-brainer in terms of safety for your pet, it’s crucial to get the right fit. If you have a dog who has a tendency to pull and is wearing a harness that does not fit well, you can risk injury to your dog’s chest. Find a harness that does not gap, pull, or chafe the dog, and that stays in place as the dog moves naturally. Harnesses that fit well will not cause rolls to bunch up around the dog’s neck and shoulder areas. You should be able to slip two fingers between the harness and your dog. Whether you are using a traditional leather dog collar or a harness on a puppy or growing dog, always be sure to check the size and fit of it regularly to make sure they have not outgrown it.

For short-nosed dogs, small breed dogs, and dogs who have experienced tracheal collapse or other tracheal issues, a harness is an especially good idea. Look for a harness with a back clip, such as LuxeMutt’s Bowtie Leather Dog Harnesses, for these types of dogs. Harnesses with the clip located on the front could put additional pressure on the neck and throat when your dog pulls on the leash. These types of harnesses can also prevent the dog from walking normally and may not be the right choice for dogs who participate in a lot of athletic activities.


While harnesses that wrap around a dog’s muzzle can help curb a pulling problem, they can also be uncomfortable for your pup. Many dogs actively try to remove these sorts of harnesses by pawing at their face.


Show Off Your Dog’s Personality with their Collar

Not only is a high-quality dog collar crucial for the safety of you and your pup when you are out and about, but getting a new luxury dog collar is also the perfect opportunity to show off some of your dog’s personality and style. Is your pet a fun-loving goofball? Get them a bright tangerine-colored leather dog collar to complement their sunny disposition. Is your dog a bulldozer who’s always looking for trouble? A minimalist leather dog collar won’t get in your dog’s way or get caught on things. Does your dog love being the center of attention? She will stand out for sure in the Heart of Gold Martini Bowtie Leather Dog Collar.


Style Your Dog for Any Occasion

You wouldn’t wear the same outfit every single day, so why should your dog? Just as you choose a new outfit daily, it’s fun to have several different options for your pup at the ready. Let the seasons, your mood, and your planned activities guide your decision on which is the best luxury dog collar to choose for the day ahead. Visiting the dog park or going on a long, leisurely stroll? Our Minimalist Leather Collars will stand out without interfering in any sniffs or playtime.

When considering what types of luxury dog collars might best suit your dog, the color should not be an afterthought. Especially for daytime outings in the spring and summer, your dog’s collar should reflect the occasion. Make sure your pup stands out among the crowd with a peppy and bright luxury dog collar like LuxeMutt’s Minimalist Seafoam Green Leather Dog Collar.

Are you planning to celebrate a special birthday for your pup? She’ll feel and look like royalty in a Violet Femme Rosalicious Leather Dog Collar.

If your wedding day is upcoming, lots of couples incorporate their four-legged friends into the celebrations. Especially if your dog is well-trained, it can make for unbelievable memories and photos of your special day. Whether you’re planning to have your pup make a brief appearance while you’re getting ready on your big day, or if they are going to play a significant part in the ceremony, you will want to make sure they look the part in the best luxury dog collar. Your dapper dog will be black-tie ready in the Basic Black Martini Bowtie Leather Dog Collar or the Black and White Oreeo Martini Bowtie Leather Dog Collar.

Are you going to a high-traffic area or crowded space where you need a little added control over your pup? Opt for a harness instead of the traditional neck collar.


Built-In Dog Accessories Make Style a Snap

For dogs (and their humans) who appreciate just about any opportunity to accessorize, some of the best luxury dog collars give you a little something extra — without any added effort required. We love the look of a brightly-colored leather flower adorned to a leather dog collar to give your diva dog a little added style on her morning walks. In pastel shades of yellow, lavender, and pink, as well as electric blue, bright purple, and orange, you are sure to find a color to complement your dog’s coat or your outfit!

If you or your four-legged friend are looking to add a little bit of sparkle into your day or glamour into your lives, a luxury dog collar adorned with glimmering Swarovski crystals is sure to do the trick. The Rosalicious line of leather dog collars features genuine Swarovski crystals lining the edges of a delicate swirled leather rose. With perimeter stitching and durable nickel hardware that provides strength and durability, these are some of the best luxury dog collars for dogs who like to sparkle.


Pair the Best Luxury Dog Collar with a Leash and Tags

When shopping for the best luxury dog collars, don’t forget some crucial accessories! After all, your stylish pup’s luxury dog collar deserves a luxurious leash to go along with it.

Regardless of which leather dog collar you choose, make sure that your dog is wearing it with his identification tags. You never know when a dog might get spooked and run, or decide to go off on an adventure without consulting you first. Even if your dog has a microchip, keeping your tags on your dog is essential. If he escapes or gets lost, the identification tag makes it easy for someone to get in contact with you and get your pup back home where he belongs.

When considering your options for the best luxury dog collars, do your homework, but also consider trying out several different styles and colors. Having some options will give you and your dog a chance to figure out what type suits your dog best, and an opportunity for your dog to show off their style in the process.