Our Favorite Holiday Gifts for Your Puppy

What's not to love about the holidays? No matter what holiday you celebrate, the season is full of cheer. They are the perfect opportunity to spend time with family and friends, eat delicious and decadent food, and give and receive thoughtful gifts. And who could be more fun to shop for than your four-legged best friend? No one, that's who!

At LuxeMutt, we have everything you need to make your pup's holiday the best one yet! Our handcrafted dog collars, leather leashes, and harnesses are not only durable and long-lasting, but they are also wonderfully stylish.

Here are our top five favorite holiday gifts for your puppy:

  1. A Martini Bowtie dog collar
  2. A Flower Child dog collar
  3. A Rosalicious dog collar
  4. A Minimalist leather dog leash
  5. A Bowtie leather dog harness

Read on while we'll walk you through our gift recommendations above. We'll also suggest perfect opportunities for your pup to show off their swag during the holidays and all year round!

  1. Martini Leather Bowtie Collars

colorful luxury leather bowtie dog collars

You can't deny the importance of including your pup when attending important holiday events, especially those that require you both to look your best! So many holiday gatherings call for a more upscale dress code.

While it may be easy for you to choose the perfect holiday sweater or festive dress for yourself for a special holiday occasion, it can be tough to figure out how best to show off your dog's style. Does your dog look better in blue or green? Will she be comfortable wearing a holiday-themed sweater? So many questions to answer when styling your dog!

For occasions that call for an elegant look, you can't go wrong with a LuxeMutt Martini Bowtie dog collar. A bowtie dog collar will give your pal a classically chic look while also being super comfortable for your dog to wear all night. These collars are made of super-soft, natural leather and feature a sturdy nickel D-ring and buckle for added support.

When it comes to choosing which dog collar you'll gift your dog, you'll want to select a color that reflects the season and holiday you're celebrating! We have some holiday-specific suggestions below:

  • For a Christmas party at your parents' house, dress your dog up with a Renegade Red Martini bowtie dog collar!
  • Pop the champagne and watch the ball drop on New Year's Eve while your dog rocks a bright Heart of Gold Martini bowtie dog collar!

The best part of a Martini Bowtie collar is how easily your dog can rock it celebrate other milestones! A Martini dog collar is the perfect accessory for a wedding, your father's retirement party, or your dog's graduation from puppy training school. If your dog is a diva through and through, this collar is perfect for daily wear!


  1. Flower Child Collars

Not all dogs share the same style, and that's ok! A bowtie dog collar is a classic look, but some pups have a much more earthy, flower child vibe that they like to show off. Peace and love are at the core of this dog collar design, and what could be more important at the holidays than those two things? If your dog is a free spirit, they will feel amazing rocking a LuxeMutt Flower Child dog collar!

A Flower Child dog collar is the perfect accessory for your pal to rock after the holidays as well. The flower design is ideal for time spent outdoors during the warmer months. For a spring walk through the park, get your dog the Flower Child Pink Supreme collar. If you and your best four-legged friend like to take summer trips to the beach, you can't go wrong with the Sunshine Yellow option!

Not sure your pup is a good fit for the Flower Child collar, but know another puppy who might be? Collars are a super gift for other dogs in your life, as well! You'll not only be gifting your pal (and their owner) with a long-lasting collar but also be making sure that both your dog and his friends are the best-accessorized pups at the dog park.


  1. Rosalicious Collars

seafoam green luxury leather dog collar with crystal encrusted flower

Some holiday events require glitz and glamour, both from you and from your dog! For a New Year's Eve gala or Christmas soiree, you will want to strut your stuff in your fanciest evening wear. But what should your pup wear? They need to stand out from the crowd and show off their style too!

A Rosalicious leather dog collar is the ideal accessory to ensure your dog is the belle of the ball during the holiday season and beyond. Each dog collar features genuine Swarovski Crystals adorning a delicately swirled rose. The rose sits just above your dog's coat. It will be impossible to miss and will instantly become a talking point. Your dog will feel more confident than ever with such a beautiful dog collar to rock throughout the night!

The Renegade Red Rosalicious dog collar is the perfect choice for your next big Christmas gala, wedding reception, or another significant event. The color will pop against your dog's fur and fit in perfectly with the red and green holiday aesthetic at Christmas. With any luck, your dog will be the best-dressed pup in the room and may even get a compliment from Santa Claus himself.

If red isn't your pal's favorite color, try out the Rosalicious color in pink or violet instead! These more subtle colors are perfect for more low-key gatherings, while still ensuring that your pal looks their absolute best in front of friends and family. No matter the color you choose, the crystals will ensure your pup feels like true royalty all night.


  1. Minimalist Leather Dog Leash

blue luxury leather dog leash

A dog collar and leather dog leash go together like peanut butter and jelly. When doing your holiday gift shopping for your dog, consider a collar and leash combo set. A dog collar and matching leash will make your dog's style look put together. It will also ensure that you can keep a firm handle on your dog during any holiday event. We know how excited our four-legged friends can get when there is a lot of excitement in the air!

Our Minimalist leather dog leashes add color and style to your dog's day! These leashes are made from the same super strong, durable leather as a LuxeMutt bowtie dog collar. Pairing an understated yet still classic minimalist leash with a luxury dog collar will be sure to take your dog's style to the next level.

If Christmas is right around the corner, you're probably planning to take your pal out, strolling the neighborhood to look at holiday lights. To get in the holiday spirit, you'll want a leather dog leash that reflects your pal's Christmas cheer. We suggest the Renegade Red leash option to be sure your pup fits right in with the elves and reindeer around your neighborhood.


  1. Bowtie Leather Dog Harness

There are no two ways about it – some dogs are better behaved than others. Can you think of anything worse than watching your best furry friend get so excited about a holiday gathering that you find them on the table, eating the appetizers, or drinking from the punch bowl?

That's where a durable harness can come in handy. And, there's no better way to match your dog's new bowtie dog collar than by adding in a bowtie leather dog harness! Each harness is equipped with high-quality nickel-plated hardware and adjustable straps that make sure your pup feels secure every time you take him out!

Our Peacock Blue harness comes in sizes ranging from XS to 3XL, so no matter the size of your buddy, the harness will be a perfect fit! The blue color is a show-stopper. Be ready for lots of compliments on your next trip to the dog park!


Getting Festive with your Pup

Now that we've walked you through our favorite holiday gift options for the dog in your life, we hope you're feeling inspired! Once their bowtie dog collar arrives and your pal has furiously unwrapped their gift, there are plenty of opportunities to get festive with your stylish pup.

The best way to spread holiday cheer is to plan a fun holiday party and invite all of your two and four-legged friends to come and celebrate! It's an excellent opportunity to make holiday-themed treats for humans and dogs alike and to take lots of posed pictures. Your friends will love to use photos for future holiday cards!

Before taking any holiday photos, you'll want your pup to sport his new bowtie dog collar for added swag. Even better if you can convince your human pals to dress up as well! Here are some ideas for getting creative when taking photos of your dog!

Another excellent holiday activity to do with your dog and his friends is caroling! Imagine the kick your neighbors will get from seeing you and a pack of pups going door to door singing carols and spreading the holiday cheer. There's no need to worry about your dog's singing skills. Even if he's a little rough around the edges, he'll still look amazing in his bowtie dog collar!


Leather Collar Gifts for All Year Round

While your dog will want to show off his new bowtie dog collar at your next holiday party, there are plenty of other opportunities throughout the year for him to put his unique gift to great use. Your pup should feel like a star all year round, and our luxury collars and leashes make that happen!

We have a few suggestions for when your pal should rock his new gifts during the year:

  • Birthday Parties -

    Nothing says happy birthday like the right swag! Whether it's your dog's birthday or a celebration for his best friend from the park, a bowtie dog collar is going to be a big hit. Choose a brightly colored collar for added birthday cheer!
  • Weddings -

    This suggestion doesn't mean we want your pal to upstage the bride and groom, but your dog will look and feel his best in an appropriate collar! A Rosalicious collar in any color gets your pal wedding-ready in a flash. Your friends, family, and photographer will love the way the crystals sparkle under the lights at the reception!

  • Cabin Weekends with Friends -

    When you want to relax and get away with friends, booking a cabin in the woods can offer the best in R&R. A super simple Minimalist dog collar means you'll be walking through the woods with your pal in style.
  • Halloween -

    A dog collar is often the perfect final touch for a doggie Halloween costume. Try pairing our black and white dog collar with some basic cuffs around your dog's ankles. Bam! You have a tuxedo costume. A plain black bowtie dog collar, along with a cape, turns your pup into fancy Dracula in a flash.

LuxeMutt Leather Collars Mean Quality

At LuxeMutt, your dog is our number one priority. Each dog out there is special and unique and deserves to be celebrated for the fantastic companion that they are! That's why we have created products that are built for comfort and durability while showing off your dog's unique style at the same time.

We design and build each collar, leash, and harness with the highest quality leather and super sturdy nickel. Our commitment to superior design means we can rest assured that the pups who receive a LuxeMutt product as gifts will use them comfortably for years to come.

We also pride ourselves on our commitment to helping you turn your pup's life into one adventure and celebration after another! If you're looking for ideas about how to throw the perfect party for your puppy or tips on traveling with your dog, we are your one-stop-shop for inspiration and answers!

Visit our blog and discover new ways to bring joy to your four-legged friend's life!