5 Tricks for the Best-Behaved Puppy

Congratulations on making one of the best decisions of your life – getting a puppy! Whether you adopted a precious mutt from the pound on a whim or you got the Goldendoodle you’ve wanted for years, we’re excited for you and your new best friend. While a puppy is new and exciting, it’s also a lot of hard work!

Here are our five best tips to take care of your new fur baby:

  1. Establish yourself with a vet
  2. Set a routine
  3. Get a durable collar and leash
  4. Go to obedience school
  5. Reward often

Now that you know our top tips, let’s break each of them down further.

Tip #1: Establish Yourself with a Vet

vet with a stethoscope and dog

Getting a good veterinarian early on is important for anyone, dog and owner alike. The vet will be able to offer recommendations on the right food your puppy should be eating, the necessary vaccines or procedures he or she should receive for the best quality of life, and more.

While it is essential to have a vet you can physically go to, make sure you're aware of online services as well! This website provides a platform to ask questions about your pet before spending the time and money to go into the office – it might not always be necessary.

Tip #2: Set a Routine

A puppy might know what he or she needs, but does not always know when he or she needs it. That’s why setting a routine is so important! When you set a routine, make sure to coordinate it with your work/class schedule and establish rules as well, such as where your pup is or is not allowed to sleep.

We suggest a schedule similar to the following:

  • Eat breakfast
  • Go on a morning walk
  • Go potty
  • Eat a small lunch
  • Go potty
  • Playtime
  • Go potty
  • Eat dinner
  • Go for an evening walk
  • Play
  • Go potty
  • Sleep

Tip #3: Get a Durable Leather Collar and Leash

Walks are extremely important in your puppy’s routine! When you take your dog outside, you want to know he or she is secure and won’t run away. Our showstopping dog collars boast heat-sealed and finished edges along with durable double nylon perimeter stitching, meaning your puppy won’t be going anywhere! We suggest pairing one of our bowtie dog collars with a minimalist leash. This look complements your pup’s cuteness and is built so that it can handle your dog when he or she gets bigger and stronger! Plus, our bowtie dog collars come in almost any color you can think of, catering to all dog moms and dads.

Tip #4: Go to Obedience School

Obedience school is crucial. Nowadays, your dog learns basic commands such as "sit," "stay," and "come," experiences leash training, and is taught how to socialize with other dogs! If you want walks to come easy and the power to remain in your hands, obedience school…and PRACTICING what is taught…is a must.

Perk: your puppy will be the talk of the class with that bowtie dog collar you bought!

Tip #5: Reward Often

dog jumping for a treat

Reinforcing good behavior leads to continued good behavior. Whether your pup sat when you said “sit” or did not jump on the guest that walked through the door, don’t doubt the impact that “good boy” and a treat can have!

A puppy will light up your life, and we are so excited for the journey you’re about to go on as a new dog owner! Be sure to follow our five tips, and if you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask us!