Don’t Forget the Dog: 5 Ways to Include Your Puppy in the Holidays

Every year, as soon as Labor Day passes, it seems as if it’s full speed ahead on the holidays. Before you know it, Halloween is here, quickly followed by Thanksgiving, and all of a sudden, Christmas and Hanukkah are knocking at your door!

There is so much to do surrounding the holiday season. There are parties to plan, recipes to make, traditions to uphold, and family and friends to shop for. It’s easy to let your pup slip your mind during all the chaos! We’re here to help you so that your fur baby isn’t left behind or forgotten about. Here are five ways to include your puppy in the holidays:

  • Fashion for Fido
  • Cute yearly photos
  • Paw-licking holiday treats
  • Doggy décor
  • Presents for your pup


Fashion for Fido with Leather Collars

colorful luxury leather dog collars


For Halloween, we think it's adorable when owners and their puppies wear costumes that go together! Here are some of our favorite picks:

  • Dorothy and Toto
    • Nope, you’re not in Kansas anymore. You’re at the top of the list for best costume! Toss on the ruby slippers and carry your dog around in a cute basket, and you have yourself a look. Hint: this red dog collar or this red dog leash will complement Dorothy’s ruby slippers beautifully!
  • Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf
    • Throw on a red cape, and you're set. As for your pup, there are plenty of wolf costumes online that won't cost you an arm and a leg. Even though he or she is supposed to be "scary" as the Big Bad Wolf, with those four tiny paws running around, the cuteness overload will take over!
  • Hot dog vendor and a hot dog
    • This costume idea is too precious, especially for the wiener-dog owners out there. With an apron and a hat, you look like a hot dog vendor, and with a hot dog costume on your dog, everyone will want to buy from you!
  • A police officer and K-9 unit dog
    • Put on the hat and walk around with some handcuffs, and all you’re missing is your sidekick! Fear not, a K-9 unit vest on your dog will fix that problem right away.


Who doesn’t love when a puppy has on a Santa hat or reindeer antlers around the holidays? Go all out by pairing a green dog collar with a red dog leash, and you'll have the most festive, best-dressed pup on the block!

Put them in your holiday card

When it’s time for the family to put on their best outfits and smile in front of the tree, don’t forget the dog! Toss on his or her favorite show-stopping dog collar and dog leash and be sure to have someone dangling a treat or toy right by the camera to get the perfect shot for the card.

Take their picture with Santa

Who says taking pictures with Santa has to be for just kids? Nowadays, pet stores and even malls host special days where you can bring in your dog to sit on Santa’s lap. Start this one when he or she is just a little puppy and compare the pictures every year to see how big he or she has gotten or how well he or she behaves! Make sure you have a durable dog collar and reliable dog leash before leaving the house – if you’re going on a day where there will be lots of other pups running around, you want to make sure yours doesn’t get loose in the excitement!


Paw-licking Holiday Treats


When it comes to Thanksgiving, you have to imagine your dog is thinking, "why do the humans get all the good stuff?" Who can blame him or her?! Mouth-watering turkey and stuffing have to make a pup jealous. Treat your fur baby with his or her own holiday feast. Throw together a delicious Thanksgiving KONG mixture that is quick and easy to make, and your puppy will love you FURever!


When Christmas comes around, everyone loves baking (or just eating!) the Christmas cookies. Ever notice how your dog’s nose is always sniffing around the counter when you set out the tray? Avoid feeling bad for him or her by making homemade peanut butter dog treats he or she can enjoy!


Doggy Décor

puppy sleeping in front of Christmas tree

Christmas Tree

Many couples, families, etc. have the tradition of going out to pick a Christmas tree. Why not bring your puppy along for the ride? He or she will love the car ride to the tree farm and running around through the snow while you find the perfect tree for your home. Be sure to bring along a strong dog collar and a dog leash that keeps your pup close – with so many trees everywhere, you don’t want him or her running off and getting lost in the bunch!


You’ve got your tree, but now it’s time to decorate it! One of the sweetest ways to incorporate your dog into the holidays is by making an ornament with his or her paw print on it. Keep it simple by using ink on paper and then laminating it or get a nicer one with an imprint.


Presents for Your Pup

If you celebrate Christmas and you’re a dog owner, an absolute must-have is a stocking for your pet! Plenty of stores sell these, or you can DIY and paint his or her name on the top. Whatever you choose, be sure to fill it with lots of presents for your good boy or girl! Ideas include:

  • A new dog collar
  • A new dog leash
  • Your pup’s favorite treats
  • Tennis balls
  • A KONG
  • A new squeaky toy

You can’t go wrong with this option. Let your dog’s nose go crazy when you take this down from the fireplace mantle Christmas morning!

The holidays are crazy, but they are also the best time of the year. They're a time for giving and spending time with loved ones. Don't let anyone slip through the cracks this holiday season. Luxe Mutt makes it easy to show the puppy in your life just how much you care!