5 Tips for Amazing Holiday Dog Photos

What’s cuter than a decked-out dog posed for a holiday photo? Not much, according to dog owners! 56% of pet parents admit to taking holiday dog photos. With or without members of the family included, holiday photos with puppies have become something of a rite of passage with each passing year.

This holiday season, we are sharing five tips to help you take amazing holiday dog photos with the special fur babies in your life!


Five Tips for Amazing Holiday Dog Photos:

  1. Pick the perfect pup-friendly props to feature in your photos.
  2. Get all the wiggles out.
  3. Find a beautiful backdrop (or make your own!).
  4. Pack treats and toys as rewards for good behavior.
  5. Make sure your pup is dressed for the occasion.


Pick the Perfect Props for the Photos

two dogs with owner posing for holiday photo

Dog wearing an oversized Santa hat? Puppy jumping out of a giant gift box? Whatever you dream up for your holiday dog photos, make sure to set everything up ahead of time and ensure it’s perfect before introducing your puppy into the scene. That way, you won't have to take time away from the shoot, moving things out of the background.


Get All the Wiggles Out

Similar to photographing small children, dogs (and puppies, especially!) have a ton of energy to burn. If you expect them to sit still during a photoshoot before giving them a chance to release it, you both might be headed for disappointment. To ensure both you and your dog don’t lose your sanity during an otherwise fun adventure, try to take them to a dog park or out in the backyard to play a quick game of fetch before the holiday dog photos begin.


Find a Beautiful Background (or Make Your Own!)

bulldog in Santa hat

From posing pup in front of your glistening Christmas tree to taking them to the local Christmas Tree Farm in a Santa Suit, the perfect background makes an excellent holiday photo even better! Pro tip: if you plan on having your pup wear a cute costume that they aren’t familiar with, try it on them a few times beforehand so they can get used to it and don’t attempt to rip it off mid-shoot.


Pack Lots of Treats or Special Toys for your Puppy

To get your pup’s attention and keep it during your photoshoot, treats, or unique toys are essential. From training treats to squeaky toys to get their attention on the camera, having these things handy will help make your photoshoot quick and fun!


Make Sure Your Pup is Dressed for the Occasion

Nothing is more essential in a holiday photo than a great outfit, whether you’re a human or a dog. Coordinating your pup’s outfit and accessories with the scenery is a great and simple way to give their photos a little pop of color and style. We love a quality leather dog collar here at LuxeMutt, which is why we have something for every pup’s style.

You can’t go wrong with a sophisticated leather dog collar, but if a bowtie collar isn’t your pup’s style, we have plenty of other options that would be great for holiday photos, too.


Luxury Collars for Every Pup

Here at LuxeMutt, we want your pup to have options that match his or her personality, allowing them to stand out from the pack. Let your pup shine in your upcoming holiday dog photos with a leather dog collar just as unique and beautiful as they are!