Top 5 Leather Dog Leash Colors for Spring

Spring is coming — at least that’s what we keep trying to tell ourselves! Regardless of the temperature outside, it’s never too early to start thinking about the perfect dog accessories for when the weather begins to warm up! But what colors are going to be the most popular this spring? We’re so glad you asked! Here are LuxeMutt’s top five color recommendations for your favorite leather dog leash this spring!


  • Peacock Blue
  • Purplicious
  • Seafoam Green
  • Pink
  • Sunshine Yellow


Peacock Blue Leather Leash

With a striking resemblance to Pantone’s color of the year for 2020, peacock blue provides the perfect pop of color to accentuate the high-quality dog leash options offered by LuxeMutt. Spring is the ideal time to take your furry best friend to check out the latest breweries in the neighborhood, stretch your legs on long walks around the park, or even catch some pre-summer sun on the beach. No matter what you’re doing, this beautiful blue will be sure to make everyone jealous of your leather dog leash! The best part? It’s also available in our bowtie leather dog harness!


Purplicious Leather Leash

Make your pooch the envy of everyone at the dog park this spring with any of our dog accessories in purplicious. This vibrant hue is the embodiment of royalty, and your dog will love the looks they’ll get as they strut their stuff for the world to see. Our leather dog leash comes in two unique styles: minimalist, for the no-frills fur kid who wants to go on a walk, and bowtie, for the pampered pooch who knows who the true ruler of the household is. Match either of our high-quality dog leash options with our other dog accessories for a look that’s absolute perfection.  


Seafoam Green Bowtie Leather Dog Leash

seafoam green luxury leather bow tie dog leash

Another light and fun shade that we love this spring is our seafoam green. This hue is beautiful with any color pooch and on any of our dog accessories! We especially love the look of it on our martini bowtie leather dog leash! This high-quality dog leash is made from the best natural leather and features sturdy nickel hardware, precise perimeter black nylon stitching, and a smooth action clasp for easy on and off. Choose from our slim or full width to match your dog’s size and weight.


LuxeMutt Pink Minimalist Leather Dog Leash

pink luxury leather dog leash

Our LuxeMutt pink leather dog leash is one of our favorites. This minimalist leather dog leash comes with a matte black backing for the perfect dose of contrast that makes this color pop. Or choose our minimalist pink supreme butterscotch for a high-quality dog leash that’s right up her alley. Regardless of which dog accessories you choose, you can’t go wrong with our LuxeMutt pink.


Sunshine Yellow Leather Dog Leash

What’s goes better with the start of spring than our sunshine yellow dog accessories? Nothing. Choose your favorite leather dog leash and let the sunshine brighten your day — regardless of what the weather looks like outside! This beautiful bright color will bring warmth and happiness to you and your pooch, whether you’re lounging around on the couch or taking in the sights during a drive around town.

What are you waiting for? Snap-on your favorite LuxeMutt high-quality dog leash and collar and take your furry friend on a walk to experience all that the new year has to offer!