Investing in a Luxury Dog Collar

As a proud dog owner, there are few things that you wouldn’t do for your best four-legged friend. You buy them the tastiest dog food, take them on long walks, let them play at the dog park with all their furry pals, and buy them the most comfortable, luxurious dog bed out there so they can catch some uninterrupted ZZZs.

How can you boost your dog’s confidence when they are out in front of their furry friends or visiting with their human pals? Your dog needs to feel his best on a casual walk through the neighborhood just as much as they do at a holiday party, during a doggy photoshoot, or at your best friend’s birthday party!

A luxury dog collar is a perfect way to enhance your dog’s natural good looks and style. LuxeMutt takes pride in offering you and your dog the fanciest dog collars out there, made of the highest quality leather, and featuring the brightest, most show-stopping colors.


A Bowtie Dog Collar for Every Occasion

colorful luxury leather bow tie dog collars

Nothing says canine class and style dog quite like a fancy bowtie dog collar! Unlike a novelty collar you might find at a party store, these collars offer heat-sealed and finished edges, with super-strong perimeter stitching. A bowtie dog collar like this is the perfect investment. Not only can your pal wear it to every special occasion, but it is also guaranteed to turn heads during an average day as well.

LuxeMutt’s Martini Bowtie collar collection offers your pal a classy, durable accessory to boost his confidence and bring out the color of his fur and eyes. Try the Renegade Red collar for a dose of Christmas spirit around the holidays or the Black and White Oreo collar for your best friend’s black-tie wedding. Our California Tangerine bowtie dog collar is the perfect fall staple for your pet’s wardrobe!


More Luxury Dog Collar Options

colorful luxury leather dog collars

While our bowtie dog collars are by far our most versatile look, some of our furry friends are a bit more high maintenance and require some extra glam in their lives. A collar from LuxeMutt’s Rosalicious luxury collar collection makes an excellent investment for the pooch who likes to strut their stuff no matter where they are.

The beauty of a Rosalicious collar is in the details, specifically the bling. Each collar features a Swarovski crystal-encrusted flower and comes in eye-popping colors like Violet Femme. When your pup’s collar catches the light, they’ll be glowing like the celebrity canine that they are, inside and out! The sturdy nickel hardware built into these collars ensures that you won’t regret this investment. Your pal will enjoy this luxury dog collar for years and years to come!

Whether your pup loves the spotlight or has a more laid-back personality, buying them a leather dog collar is a perfect way to boost their confidence and help them stand out from the rest of the four-legged crowd! Take a look through LuxeMutt’s collection to find the ideal collar for your favorite pooch.