Our Favorite Fabulous Bowtie Leashes

Being a dog owner is one of the greatest titles you can have. That doesn’t mean it comes with zero struggles, though! As a dog mom or dog dad, you’re probably playing a constant guessing game of if you’re doing enough for your precious little furball. The great news is if you regularly take your pup for a stroll, you’re already ahead of the curve. According to a study done by the Kennel Club, 20% of dog owners don’t give their pets a single daily walk.

Pups crave outdoor walks with their owners to sniff around, get some fresh air and do their business. It’s also an excellent opportunity for your dog to show off their stylish side. Don't worry – we'll make it easy for you. This is precisely where our bowtie leashes come into play.

Why LuxeMutt Leather Leashes?

These leather leashes feature both heat-sealed edges and super strong double nylon perimeter stitching, qualities you don’t often see when it comes to other dog leashes. When your pup is attached to one of these, you know they’re safe, secure, and won’t be able to go running off anywhere! One of the best perks of our bowtie leashes? We created them to pair with our bowtie collars, so your pup’s fashion is on point wherever they sniff and stroll!

 Black bowtie dog leather leash

The Black Martini Bowtie Leash

Dog leashes tend to come in solid colors, making it hard to find one that will go with just about everything. Pink is cute but might not complement your pup’s personality and blue is beautiful but won’t look great when Fido is in his little green sweater.

A black leash is typically the go-to in this situation, working well with all coats, colors, and accessories that your beloved pup might possess! However, the black leash that you’d find in a retail pet store is usually dull and boring. Black bowtie leash to the rescue! Our black leather leash is sleek and almost shines when out on a sunny day. The delicate white stitching around the edges truly pops, appearing similar to that of piping on a cake! Your fur baby will look classically stylish while strolling around town wearing the black martini bowtie leash.

 seafoam green bowtie leather dog leash

The Seafoam Green Martini Bowtie Leash

Loving the black, but want something that pops, too? Look no further than our seafoam green martini bowtie leash! Leather leashes flaunt colors far better than nylon dog leashes. This leash gives off a crisp, bright, gorgeous color that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Off to the beach? Toss this on your dog to complement the color of the ocean or the sea glass that might wash up on the sand. Using this as one of your wedding colors? Meet your furry ring bearer's wedding leash! Just in the mood for something different and fun? Throw on this leash for a pop of color that's sure to bring the fun, whether it’s a day at the park, a walk to the corner store, or a stroll to your best friend's house.

This bowtie leash features black stitching around the edges for a clean, complete look. Be sure to mention us when all the other dog moms and dads ask where it’s from – as we’re sure they will!

 orange bowtie leather dog leash

The California Tangerine Martini Bowtie Leash

When the smell of pumpkin spice and the sound of crunching leaves comes around, that can only mean one thing: FALL. Whether you take the slight drop in temperature as a nudge towards cozy nights in, or that autumn breeze means football in the park every Saturday to you, guess what? Your pooch needs to go for his or her daily walk whatever the weather, and you need to be sure he or she is rocking the latest fall fashion.

This orange leather leash is the perfect leash for fall. It matches the changing leaves, the pumpkins, and even the Halloween décor that lines the streets. The beauty of this leash? Like many of our leashes, the look doesn’t need to stop at the end of the four feet. Pair it with its matching collar to complete the fall fabulousness!

 red bowtie leather dog leash

The Renegade Red Martini Bowtie Leash

Surprise! You’ve struck perfection in dog leashes – something you might not have thought even existed. This luxury leash is perfect for your fierce lady (or lad!). When humans wear red, they give off bold, feisty, and attention-grabbing vibes. It's no different for our beloved furry friends! They’ll be turning heads as they stroll down the street in the renegade red martini bowtie leash.

Even if red isn't your everyday color, it’s a perfect seasonal leash. Once fall is over and you pack up the California tangerine bowtie leash, break this one out to get into the holiday spirit.  Whether you’re choosing a Christmas tree or taking family photos for the holiday card, your dog will shine wearing this red leash.

When we created each of our leather leashes, one of our goals was to make dog leashes that paired well with our other LuxeMutt luxury dog products! This includes our harnesses, which the bowtie leashes go particularly well with, as well as pretty much any of our show-stopping collars. If you don’t want to double up on the bowties, our minimalist dog collars will match the color of the leather leash perfectly while simplifying the look.

Being dog-lovers and owners ourselves, we understand that you have specific dog products and content you’re looking for. If you love our bowtie leashes, you’ll love everything else we have to offer. Need more tips and tricks for how to be the best dog mom and dog dad out there? Want some advice on furry fashion? Check out our blog for everything from guidance on how to get your pup to pose for holiday photos to the best occasions for every type of collar we offer. See something you like but want to know more? Contact us with all your leather leash or bowtie collar questions, and we’ll be more than happy to chat with you further!