A Hollyberry Collar for the Holidays

As the holiday season closes in, it's a challenge not to get swept up in holiday cheer. No matter where you and your four-legged furry friend go, you're bound to see festive decorations, hear upbeat holiday tunes, and see human and dog friends alike sporting holiday attire. Letting yourself and your pup get swept up by the holiday spirit is joyful.

How to Dress your Puppy for the Holidays?

pup dressed in holiday sweater

Dressing them up as Santa Claus or one of his reindeer is one option, but requires a serious commitment to the multi-faceted costume. Why not try a luxury leather collar to really embody the spirit of the holiday season? Paired with one of LuxeMutt's handcrafted leather leashes, your dog will look and feel their absolute best!

We are here to make an exciting announcement - we now offer our luxury bow tie collar in our newest color, hollyberry! What could be more fitting for the holiday season than a bow tie collar in the shade of hollyberry, a Christmas staple?

Read on for more details about choosing a luxury bow tie collar for your pup and pairing it with one of our leather leashes to make a perfect holiday statement! We will also give you some great suggestions about where and when your pal should rock them once the holidays are over. These accessories are sure to take your dog's style to the next level.


Hollyberry Martini Bow Tie Collar

Whether your pal is posing for holiday photos, lounging with the gifts under the Christmas tree, or sneaking a cookie from the dessert tray, this collar is sure to be a show-stopper. Watch as your pup turns all of your guests' heads the minute they catch sight of his elegant collar!

The deep hollyberry color is perfect for dogs with light or dark fur and is sure to bring out your pal's best features. Your dog will look perfect posed under the mistletoe with their hollyberry collar on display. And if your pup is lucky enough to receive a Christmas sweater under the tree, their holiday look will be complete.

This hollyberry bow tie collar is so much more than just a fun holiday accessory! Our collar features super durable premium leather and sturdy nickel accents, meaning your dog will be rocking their hollyberry collar for many holiday seasons to come.

While hollyberry does fit the holiday aesthetic, it works as a year-round accessory as well! Add it to your dog's wardrobe to make a statement at family gatherings, your best friend's wedding, or when taking a stroll down main street in your hometown.


A Leather Leash for Added Flair

Now that your pal is strutting their stuff with a beautiful hollyberry bow tie collar at your mom's Christmas party, why not take their style to the next level by pairing it with one of LuxeMutt's handcrafted leather leashes? Not only stylish but also practical, our leather leashes ensure your dog's style is perfectly put together while also ensuring that he won't make off with your mom's holiday roast!

The leash you pair with your dog's show-stopping luxury dog collar should be just as exciting and unique as your four-legged friend. Luckily, LuxeMutt's leather leashes are anything but ordinary. Our Martini Bow Tie leashes match perfectly with your pal's new hollyberry bow tie collar and are created using the same high quality, durable leather. The smooth-action clasp means the leash is easy on, easy off, with no awkward fumbling while your pup tries to make a break for it.

 To properly celebrate the holidays, match your pup's hollyberry collar with our Seafoam Green bow tie leash. The colors will subtly hint at the traditional red and green of the holiday season!


Show-Stopping Luxury Collars for Any Occasion

colorful luxury dog collars

Luxury dog collars and leather leashes are an obvious choice during the holiday season, but who says you can't dress your pup to impress all year? LuxeMutt's collars will elevate your pup's style during spring walks in the park, on hot summer days on the beach, and on cooler fall evenings while your dog chases falling leaves. There is never a wrong time to show off your dog's style.

The Flower Child luxury dog collar line is the perfect accessory for every peace-loving pooch out there. The collars' white edges perfectly offset vibrant collar colors like Sunshine Yellow, Pink Supreme, and Blue Bliss. These collars embody the warmth of spring. Choose a Flower Child collar for your dog's next outdoor photoshoot!

Have a summer wedding or graduation party to attend with your four-legged friend? The Rosalicious collar line is unquestionably appropriate for a formal event. Embellished with real Swarovski crystals, these rose-shaped collars are sure to turn human and canine heads alike!

If you and your pup like to go out trick-or-treating on Halloween, a luxury bow tie collar can serve as a simple yet effective costume for your dog. Want to dress your dog up as a jack-o-lantern? When paired with an orange sweater, our California Tangerine bow tie collar is an ideal way to turn your furry friend into a walking, barking pumpkin. If a formal costume is more your dog's speed, try the Black and White Oreo bow tie collar with a doggy-sized suit and voila - the perfect spy costume!


Why Choose a Leather Luxury Collar?

Whether your pal rocks our new hollyberry color or would prefer a different look, a leather collar is ideal for small and large dogs alike. But what sets leather collars apart from other options on the market? If taken care of, a premium leather collar will last for years to come. When fitted correctly, it’s also a safe, comfortable collar option for your dog.

Our durable, long-lasting collars and leather leashes add a dash of flair and style to your dog’s daily walks, while also providing a comfortable but safe fit. Grab your wrapping paper and a Christmas bow - a leather collar and leash is one gift your furry friend will never forget!