Five Tips for Hosting a Holiday Party for Your Pups

Holiday parties can often be stressful for both dogs and their owners. Whether you're worried about your pet accidentally ingesting human treats, to the constant stress of keeping pets and humans happy and occupied throughout the party, negotiating holiday parties as a dog owner can be tricky! This year we encourage you to start a new tradition for the holidays — a pup-tastic holiday party for your four-legged friend and his or her friends!

We love any reason to celebrate with our pups, so we've compiled five tips that'll allow you to plan a fantastic holiday party for you and your pack this year!

Jack Russell Terrier wearing a Santa hat 

Tips for a Dog-Friendly Holiday Party

  1. Plan your invite list ahead of time
  2. Pick out the paw-fect party favors
  3. Coordinate group activities in advance
  4. Set up a treat bar for attendees
  5. Try out a DIY treat recipe


Plan Your Invite List Ahead of Time

A lot of thought needs to go into your guest list. The key to any great party is that all the guests get along without incident. By sticking to pets and pet parents that you know well and love, you can ensure that any scuffles are avoided, keeping everyone holly and jolly the entire time.


Coordinate Group Activities in Advance

Whether you choose to set up a Christmas scavenger hunt or a holiday-themed agility course for your pups, planning out the activities in advance is the best way to ensure you keep everyone occupied! Remember that allowing time in the schedule for guests to relax and mingle is part of the fun, too.


Pick Out the Paw-fect Dog Friendly Party Favors

array of colorful luxury leather dog collars

Reward your canine friends for a job well done by picking out a few pet-friendly party favors before the big day. Some great ideas include a bowtie collar, a leather dog collar, puppy puzzles, leash, bandana, or a gift card to your local pet store! Everyone loves prizes, and giving back to your pup's friends is an excellent way to spread the holiday spirit this season. For a festive feel, check out some of our favorite bowtie collar holiday hues: Hollyberry, Renegade Red, and Country Club Green Too.


Set Up a Treat Bar for Attendees

Don’t forget the treats! A delicious treat bar full of dog-approved treats is the key to any great puppy party. Send your furry friends home with cute doggy bags full of treats to take with them as a thank you for coming!


Try Out a DIY Treat Recipe

dog snout eating a homemade treat off a cooling rack

Nothing says Christmas like homemade cookies for the whole family. Don't let your pup miss out this year! Whether you want to make this an activity for all the pup parents to do at your holiday party or something you want to make before your pup's furry friend's arrival, delicious dog cookies are always a winner! Make sure to follow a dog-friendly recipe to ensure you aren’t giving your pup any unnecessary sugar. You can even double your recipe and save some to fill up your pup’s stocking, too!


A Luxury Dog Collar for Every Pup

Here at LuxeMutt, we're crazy about our dogs and get excited about the idea of partying with our pups. They're a special part of our family, and as such, we think they deserve a luxury dog collar to keep them feeling good and looking great all year long. Whether you’re in the market for a bowtie collar or a matching leash, we’ve got you (and your pup!) covered.