Must-Have Features for a Quality Leash

There is no more significant part of your day than the moment you and your dog reunite after a long day. It's the moment you let the stressful details dissipate, and you turn your attention to the faithful canine companion who's been waiting intently, tail wagging, for you to get home.

Your pooch and you should never hesitate to enjoy these special daily moments to the fullest, and a luxury leash from LuxeMutt is the way to live it up a little bit every time you walk. The difference between a quality leash and substandard quality can make a big difference in your daily walks and your dog's happiness.

There are lots of leashes out there, even lots of luxury leashes and bowtie leashes. There are factors to consider when buying an item that keeps you and your doggie tethered together when outside the home.

A quality dog leash, preferably a leather luxury leash or custom bowtie leash, is the most reliable way to slowly stroll or even take that morning jog with your dog and have the guaranteed safety, comfort, and style that comes with owning a luxury leash.

If you are training a new pup, you want the longevity and reliability only a luxury leash can offer. Perhaps you are trying to find a quality leash to upgrade from your old nylon grocery store leash or worn-out knock-off brand to a new leather dog leash. Maybe you're looking for a bowtie leash or another signature quality leash to stand out in the crowded dog world. There is a perfect one for your doggo.

Ours are handmade, one at a time, and feature high-quality leather and accessories.

Why Should I Buy a Leather Dog Leash or Luxury Leash?

There are only so many ways to spoil your significant pupper, and a leather dog leash makes them look better. You can buy all the bones, rawhide chews, and meaty treats the pet food purveyors can peddle, but any veterinarian will tell you those treats are no favor to your best canine pal.

What the vet will always say is your dog can't get too much exercise, and the longer the walks you take with them, the better for both of your physical and mental well-being.

Our line of quality leashes, including our bowtie leash and other leather dog leash collections, is a treat in every sense of the word, except our leashes don't contain any bacon. There is no substitute for handmade quality, and each of our luxury leashes features a unique construction to guarantee its authenticity and charm. We think our bowtie leash collection is a cut above the rest in the world of luxury leashes, but our site offers numerous other quality leash choices as well.

What Is a Luxury Leash?

Dogs have been tail-wagging and fetching and even offering a measure of home security for us humans throughout every significant period of our history.

A genuine affection between man and canine, and the beginning of people celebrating their pups like we do, as actual members of our families and society, came in the Victorian Age. According to, "The sentimentality toward dogs as pets that continues today began in the Victorian Age." That sentiment stemmed from the queen herself, noted to have a special bond with her dogs.

That spirit is alive and well today, and a leather dog leash or luxury leash is a way of treating your pet like royalty.

A luxury leash offers just that by comparison to cheaper, mass-produced products. Our leather dog leash collections and bowtie leash collection offer a quality leash for the long-term, not merely right now. Hand-stitched and made from high-quality leather, the difference is easy to tell with a luxury leash.

What’s the Safest Quality Leash for My Dog?

For the modern pet owner, a quality leash is as much about the safety and protection of your dog and the others you might come across on your daily travels together as anything else. Laws and town ordinances mostly require them outside of designated off-leash dog parks and dog walks anyway.

The American Kennel Club emphasizes using a quality leash when training a new puppy, but throughout the life of your dog, it will outgrow some of its leashes. A leather dog leash can outlast even most other quality leashes and most certainly those made of nylon or other rope-like materials. And our luxury leashes and bowtie leashes look dazzling, so that's another factor.

And, according to, another major question to be answered is what type of activities you and your pup generally do together. "You might find that having multiple kinds of leashes is best, depending on the things you plan on doing with your dog — whether it's hiking, going to dog training class, or walking through a crowded city center," the site says. "No matter what kind of leash you choose, it should be well-made with a secure clasp and comfortable for you to use."

So, Should I Get More Than One Quality Leash?

Some of us want different looks, and subsequently different luxury leashes, for our dogs depending on what time of year it is, what holidays might be right around the corner, or just what mood you and your pooch might be in on a given day. Our luxury leashes capture the spirits and the seasons with timeless colors that pair perfectly with our lines of luxury dog collars. The Martini Bowtie leash and collar is one of those perfect pairings for your pup that is worth buying in a few color combos.

There are four bowtie leashes in our collection, but it is just one in our series of three different lines of leather dog leashes. So, the answer to the question is a resounding, "Yes!" More than one dog leash means multiple options and even greater longevity from each of your quality leashes. Luxury leashes and dog collars are two of the most prominent focal points when you and your dog are celebrating your free time together, and much like you, your dog is happier and healthier when it has a chance to express itself.

Our moods change with the ups and downs of each day, and often our fashion statements echo those changes. The right luxury leash can reflect the collective spirit and personality of you and your best friend, and there are many reasons ours are just the right one!

We’re Founded on Quality Leash Construction

Any decision about the look and the happiness of your dog should start with quality.

All of our luxury leashes are American-made, and that won't change, and the genuine leather used in every quality leash we make is high-grade and selected for softness. The same goes for all of the hardware, which is crafted from high-grade nickel. And when it comes to adding a bright flash of bling to our jaw-dropping Renegade Red Rosalicious leather dog leash, of course, we use only the best Swarovski crystals.

The Rosalicous is genuinely a one-of-a-kind quality leash. You can (and should!) pair it with our matching Rosalicious collar for the ultimate red carpet experience. This made-to-order leash features genuine red Swarovski crystals and locally sourced leather. The black stitching and backing only make it stand out more.

Whether you have a young pup still learning to go bounding over to the door to tell you it needs to go outside, or an adult so set in its ways, it knows how to fetch its leash and bring it to you, the leash matters. Make it a quality leash and make it expressive and unique, like our bowtie leash.

Which Bowtie Leash Looks Best?

One of the biggest questions in choosing a luxury dog leash, of course, is which one makes my dog look absolutely fabulous?

A great place to find the answer is our collection of four Martini Bowtie Leashes. The pairing possibilities with these bowtie leashes alone with our collection of luxury dog collars make it perfect. When teamed up with a Minimalist Collar, your dog can rock a classic look that never goes out of style, or it can stand out with the natural pairing of a Martini Bowtie Collar.

The nickel clasps on our 4-foot bowtie leashes offer smooth action and sturdiness, and the leashes all feature precision perimeter nylon stitching. With these qualities combined, our bowtie leash provides the kind of durability befitting a leather dog leash genuinely made for the long term.

Let’s Talk Style for Luxury Leashes

We offer a lovely palette of colors to add a wow factor to any dog's day, but also classic styles of bowtie leashes appropriate and fashionable anywhere and anytime.

  • The Renegade Red Martini Bowtie leather dog leash is a scarlet stunner, made to stand out even more with finished black edging and reinforced black matte backing. This striking bowtie leash stands out no matter what color your canine is.
  • They say every lady needs a little black dress. Similarly, every pup needs a Basic Black Martini Bowtie leather dog leash for an equally classic all-occasions look. This bowtie leash offers a black-on-black look with black backing and edging.
  • When spring has sprung, or even just when you and Fido need a little boost or pop of color to brighten the gray doldrums of winter, unleash the Seafoam Green Martini Bowtie leather dog leash to save the day. This bowtie leash also features black stitching and extra-soft, high-quality leather and a hint of days spent on the beach.
  • No matter where you and your dog live, you can have an authentic taste of our Cali lifestyle with the California Tangerine Martini Bowtie leather dog leash. This bowtie leash is just as advertised, a delicious dose of orange with black backing and stitching to bring some warm weather glow anywhere.

A bowtie leash in any of our four colors makes its own statement.

Fall in Love with Minimalist Leashes

Your dog can experience everyday glamour with one of our four Minimalist leather dog leash styles, which come in two different widths to meet your dog's specific needs.

The Minimalist Peacock Blue leather dog leash is a bright blast of color to light up any stroll. In contrast, the Minimalist Renegade Red leather dog leash is another offering in our high-quality, extra-soft but attention-grabbing red leather.

There are two options in pink, as there should be. The Minimalist LuxeMutt Pink leather dog leash follows our style trend with black backing and stitching to make our signature shade of pink as pretty as ever. To really stand out, however, is to go a little against the grain with our Minimalist Pink Supreme Butterscotch leather dog leash, which features butterscotch-colored backing and artisanal-crafted pink leather with white stitching.

Our Thing Is Traditional Handmade Leather Dog Leashes

We have been putting dashes of fabulous into the lives of dogs and dog owners since we first started designing luxury dog leashes, both for our beloved trio of rescues and a growing base of happy pooches and proud parents everywhere.

Our lead designer, Sharon Zuckerman, began creating show-stopping handmade items a long time ago, including some of the most iconic Barbie dolls ever crafted. Her design collaborations before devoting her time to our quality leash and collar collections include working with Juicy Couture, Jonathan Adler, and Monique Lhuillier. Like any great designer, her attention to the fine details of each handcrafted item sets her work apart, and that now includes all of our collections of luxury dog leashes, dog collars, and harnesses.

For Zuckerman, it began with dolls, intricately styling their hair and make-up, shoes, clothing, and jewelry long before quality leashes came into her life. She put her name — literally — on much of her innovation and exquisite work. Now, her gift is being able to transform her ideas, sense of style, and attention to detail into luxury dog leashes and collars that offer the same timeless and worldly expression. There is no better representation of who and what LuxeMutt is and stands for than Sharon. Like her, we don't compromise on quality or detail when it comes to giving your precious pet an undeniable feeling of love, respect, and pampering through our quality leash and bowtie leash collections.

A quality leash improves the quality of life for your dog, and a luxury leash or bowtie leash from LuxeMutt makes life all that much better.