How to Find the Right Dog Sitter

Preparing to travel can be stressful, and when you add on trying to find a dog sitter for your beloved pooch, the nerves can make you want to call it quits. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, canceling is not always an option, and everyone deserves to get away now and then! So Luxe Mutt wants to help you find the perfect home away from home for your dog.


Find a Dog Loving Dog Sitter

Chances are you know someone that loves dogs as much as you do. Dog watching might be a perfect opportunity for a friend to make some extra cash, and you can relax because you already have a personal relationship with your new dog sitter! If you don’t feel comfortable asking a friend, there are sites designed to help. Check out and search for your area and preferences.


How Do I Know If I’ve Found a Good Dog Sitter?

If you use a site like Rover, your search may yield lots of results, so you’re going to have to sift through people who are offering dog watching services. The best profiles will have lots of positive reviews as well as a passionate profile page that gives you a sense of their love for animals. If your furry friend takes medicine or has any special needs, it’s a good idea to look for someone who has experience in caring for special needs animals. 


Conduct a Dog Watching Home Visit

Whether you are satisfying your dog watching needs through Rover or went with someone you know, you will want to check out where your fur baby will be spending their vacay. Set up a time that works for both parties, strap on your baby’s leather leash and collar combo, and head out the door. If your sitter has a pet, you will want to do a proper introduction and let the dogs meet in neutral territory, while both are on strong a leather leash. If both dogs tend to love other furry friends, a quick walk around the block should be all it takes. Then head inside, and make sure you are comfortable with the living space. Ask where your dog will be at night and when left alone.


What To Pack for Your Dog When You’re Away

To make your dog’s stay as easy as possible, pack the essentials: food, bowls, collar, leather leash, and some comfort items. A favorite toy and blanket, and maybe even a sweatshirt that smells like you. Throw some special treats in a bag and make sure your sitter knows where everything is. It’s a good idea to make sure she knows how much and how often your dog eats, how often he tends to go outside, and any other quirks your four-legged-friend may have.


At Luxe Mutt, we know how much dogs mean to their family. It’s not easy to leave behind a part of your family, so follow these tips to find the best dog sitter and keep your pooch happy and safe while you are away. It’s also a great occasion to spoil your pup with a new show-stopping collar if you’re feeling a little guilty!