Our Top Six Types of Dog Toys

Your furry best friend might have the bed she needs, she might have a healthy supply of high-quality dog leashes, but a dog can never have too many toys. If you’re thinking of picking up a new toy for your furry friend, but always seem to go back to the same types of toys, you might be overlooking some great options. Our favorite types of dog toys will inspire you to think outside the box so that you can find something that your four-legged friend will love.

 Our Favorite Dog Toys

  1. Comforting Dog Toys are Perfect for Soothing Your Dog

Just like children, some dogs love nothing more than a furry friend to cuddle up with and to carry around. Particularly for anxious dogs, there’s nothing quite as soothing as a teddy-bear-like toy. Typically, these types of toys are plush, like a stuffed animal, but any soft material that your dog develops an attachment to can be a suitable comfort toy. Dogs can form such a strong bond with comforting toys. Often, they are the toys that accompany your pooch in high-anxiety situations, such as vet visits, kennel stays, and even around the house during thunderstorms or when the dog must be left alone for an extended period.


  1. Interactive Dog Toys are Fun for You and Your Puppy

Why let your pup have all the fun? There are lots of interactive dog toys that allow you to play and bond with your dog and double the fun for both of you. We recommend practicing using high-quality dog leashes when first trying out any new toy outside, and especially with puppies and dogs in new environments. These are a few of our favorite dog toys that let you in on the playtime, too!

  • Tug-of-war toys such as ropes and sets of rubber, interconnected rings are great for indoor and outdoor play because they don’t require a ton of space.
  • Balls are a classic choice for dogs who love a good game of fetch. Today’s ball toys for dogs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials to suit the biggest, smallest, and most picky pups. For those dogs that can cover a lot of ground in a little time, consider a ball launcher that allows you to throw three times farther than usual, and without ever bending over or touching a slobbery ball again. Always remember that if your dog is in a new environment or a puppy in training, using high-quality dog leashes with strong double nylon perimeter stitching is essential to guarantee his safety.
  • If you have a large enough yard or an outdoor space with a considerable amount of room for your dog to romp, frisbees allow your dog to practice his agility and eye-mouth coordination while you work on your throwing skills.


  1. Look for Tough Dog Toys for Determined Chewers

Some dogs seem to make it their mission to destroy a new toy as soon as they can. While it looks like an awful lot of fun for them, it’s also a bummer to see a new toy destroyed in a matter of minutes! For a determined pup who loves to chew, look for dog toys with “tough,” “indestructible,” and the words “for aggressive chewers,” right on the label. Kong’s Extreme Dog Toys are some of the toughest and also have the benefit of being a great place to hide a treat. Turn things up a notch with super high-energy dogs by taking your dog outside, just be sure to use one of their high-quality dog leashes to ensure its safety at all times.


  1. Try Big, Cumbersome Dog Toys for Even Tougher Chewers

Do you have a high-power chewer in the house that destroys so-called tough toys in a matter of minutes? Be on the lookout for durable dog toys that are a little bit more difficult for them to get their entire mouth around. This added challenge could be just what you and your pup are looking for when it comes to long-lasting dog toys. Unless you enjoy — or at least don’t mind — watching your determined chewer destroy a new toy in a matter of minutes upon receiving it, avoid toys with lots of stitching or string that can be easily pulled apart or frayed. Some dogs can even destroy the popular rope-style toys that tout their toughness! Be advised that some high-energy dogs may also try to remove the squeaker from many popular dog toys, and you’ll need to take it away from them to avoid possible harm or injury from swallowing it.


  1. Treat-Dispensing Dog Toys Give Added Incentive

Some dogs aren’t interested in the typical toys that are favorites for other pups. If your furry friend is the type to sit and watch rather than chase a ball when told excitedly, “Go get it,” he might need a little something to sweeten the deal. Treat-dispensing dog toys that provide a little added incentive are perfect for dogs who aren’t interested in playing fetch or chewing. Both treats and high-quality dog leashes are essential tools for teaching your dog the necessary skills and daily commands you want him to follow.


  1. Puzzle Dog Toys Keep Your Pup Guessing

Puzzle toys can be a great way to keep an easily-bored dog busy and to stimulate their curiosity. Often recommended by dog behavior experts, puzzle toys can be an appropriate toy to leave with your dog when you’re not home (but be sure to give it a test-run while you’re there first so you know it’s safe). While these types of toys also provide much-needed mental stimulation for your pup, they’re no replacement for interactive toys that will include you in all the fun with your dog and help you both to build a stronger bond with one another.

Your dog can’t tell you what type of toys it most prefers, or which of its high-quality dog leashes is most comfortable, but with a little extra consideration and perhaps some experimentation, you’ll find new goodies to make your mutt’s tail wag.