Leash Laws in Ohio

LuxeMutt knows that adopting a dog is a huge and amazing step for your family. The love laughs, and loyalty you get from a dog is second to none. It doesn’t take long for a pet to find her place in your home and your heart. When you become a pet owner, you need to know how to keep your dog safe. One of the best ways you can do that is by keeping her secure, whether you’re a harness or a matching leather leash and collar kind of person! Different states often have different laws on a variety of topics, and leash laws in Ohio are one of those variations.


Are There Leash Laws in Ohio?

In Ohio, there is a statewide leash law. Dogs must be kept on leashes unless they’re hunting with their owner. This leash law applies whenever you leave your house or your (fenced in) yard.


What is Leash Training?

Leash training is teaching your dog how to walk while on a lead. There are so many benefits of regularly walking your dog. Fresh air, exercise, and vitamin D are essential for dogs and humans alike, but when your pup yanks on the leash, it can take the walk from fun outdoor time to super stressful. Taking the time to train your dog will make sporting your matching leather leash and collar combo so much more enjoyable.


What Tools help with Leash Training?

To begin leash training, you will want a strong, leather leash and a collar or harness. You might want to pick up a clicker as well. They are not mandatory, but they are cheap and easy. You will also need small tasty treats. In Ohio, it’s also required by law that you scoop the poop, so don’t forget your poop baggies.


How to Leash Train your Dog

According to the American Kennel Club, you should first allow your pup to get used to his new collar or harness, and then introduce the clicker. In order for the clicker to be effective, you must first “charge” it by clicking whenever Lassie behaves in a way you would like to encourage, and then immediately give her a treat. Start with small things - for example, when she is sitting or just being an extra good girl! When she understands that a click means she gets a treat, attach that leather leash to her collar and head outside. Be patient, and consistently click and reward whenever she is doing something good; walking next to you while looking straight ahead is a great time to click. When your pup understands what the click means, add in turning and stopping. If you notice a distraction approaching, be quick to click and walk a few steps away. Follow with a big reward and lots of praise so that she learns you like what she’s doing. When you both have the hang of the leash and the clicker, be sure to practice around plenty of distractions. You don’t want her to behave only when there is nothing around to spark her interest, because how often will that actually happen?  Remember that practice makes perfect!


In the great state of Ohio, you are required by law to keep your dog secure when you leave the house. Leash training will not only keep the fluffiest member of your family safe, but it will also keep you out of trouble with the law. LuxeMutt knows dogs are a big part of the family. It’s important to us that the whole family is happy, safe, and stylish! If you’re interested in upgrading your current leash training supplies, check out these statement dog colors.