Leash Laws in Florida

There is nothing better than adopting a dog. Dogs are loyal, provide unconditional love, and endless laughs. It doesn’t take long for a pet to feel like part of the family. When you become a pet owner, it becomes your duty to keep your dog safe. After all, he would keep you safe in a heartbeat! One of the best ways you can keep your dog safe is by keeping him secure, whether you’re a running leash or a luxury leash kind of person! Different states often have slightly different laws, and leash laws are no exception.


Are There Leash Laws in Florida?

There are no state-mandated leash laws in Florida. Instead, they default to the county government. You should be aware of your county’s regulations before you adopt your pooch, but the Florida Animal Control Association strongly feels that there is no reason to allow pets to roam without a leash. Even with the most well behaved and well-trained dog, you can never be too careful with your baby.


What is Leash Training?

Leash training is simply teaching your puppy to walk appropriately while attached to a lead. Most people understand the benefits of regularly walking their dog, but when your pup yanks, it’s not fun for anyone. Taking the time to train your dog will make sporting your matching luxury leash and collar combo a breeze.


What Tools Help with Leash Training?

To begin training your dog on a leash, you will want a strong, luxury leash and a collar or harness. A clicker is optional, but they are cheap and effective, and you need small tasty treats. When you’re ready to head outside, don’t forget your poop bags!


How to Leash Train your Dog

The American Kennel Club suggests first allowing your pup to get used to his new collar or harness, and then introducing the clicker. “Charge” the clicker by clicking whenever your pup does something good, and then immediately give him a treat. Start small by clicking when he is sitting, being a good boy! When your fur baby understands that click=treat, attach that luxury leash and head outside. Be patient, and continue to click and reward whenever he is doing something you want to encourage - for example, walking next to you while looking straight ahead is a great time to click and reward. Try turning and stopping. If you notice your dog is about to lunge, quickly click and walk a few steps away. Follow with a reward so that he learns you like what he’s doing. When you both have the hang of the leash and the clicker, add in some distractions, and keep practicing!


Whether you’re a true Floridian or you have just arrived in the Sunshine State, and whether your county has a Florida leash law or not, leash training will keep the furriest member of your family safe. LuxeMutt knows dogs are a part of the family. We want the whole family to be happy, safe, and stylish. To upgrade your current leash training supplies, check out these show-stopping dog colors.